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Using Social Media to Grow Your Business, with Tina Pettigrew and Alison Williams of Ellevate Network

Online • November 30, 2017

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How do you start using social media to grow your business, and how do you use your limited resources to gain the traction, following, engagement, retention, and referrals that you need?

Thursday, November 30, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

You’ve seen Ellevate Network’s social media presence, so you likely know that we use it to build our brand, engage with our community, and grow our business. But where do you start, and how do you use your limited resources to gain the traction, following, engagement, retention, and referrals that you need to grow organically?

On this Jam Session, you’ll hear from Ellevate Network’s Director of Communications Tina Pettigrew, and Marketing Coordinator Alison Williams on:

  • How to use social media to build a community
  • The smartest tools for scheduling posts, analyzing data, and regularly engaging your audience
  • The role social media plays in knowing your core user and how that plays into your overall user experience
  • Why leveraging specific channels, times of day, and content is important to your marketing strategy
  • Best practices for small business using social media
  • Knowing and developing your brand and core user

You’ll walk away from this sessions having the exact tools you need to use social media to grow your business in a way that uses your resources wisely and is constantly getting better.

Tina Pettigrew is the Director of Communications at Ellevate Network. Tina defines and refines Ellevate’s voice by communicating with the press, engaging our social following, and developing Ellevate’s marketing campaigns (Invest in Yourself, Female Role Model, Own It, Take Back Feminism, Mobilize Women).

Alison (Ali) Williams is the Marketing Coordinator at Ellevate Network, where she manages the content seen on Ellevate’s social media and contributes to the marketing creative in key campaigns. She is passionate about media and television, especially the role that women play in the field. 


Alison Williams

Alison Williams

Marketing Coordinator, Ellevate Network

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Tina Pettigrew

Tina Pettigrew

Director of Communications, Ellevate Network

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Raquel Ugalde

Hi Jordan and Martha, did you register prior to today? When you register for jam sessions, you should receive a registration confirmation email from Readytalk, the platform that we use. If not, I can follow up with you both with the registration link. Thanks for your patience! Best, Raquel

November 30, 2017

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Martha Brown Menard, PhD

same here

November 30, 2017

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Jordan Lacenski

I am trying to join this Jam session and it won't allow me to. Any tech people who can help?

November 30, 2017