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Show Me the Money: How to Successfully Launch and Fund Your Startup

Online • January 4, 2018

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Join us for a Jam Session designed to teach female entrepreneurs how to successfully launch and fund their startup.

Thursday, January 4, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

Women entrepreneurs are starting more businesses, managing bigger staffs, and targeting higher profits than ever before. Yet despite their ambition, female founders receive less than 3% of all Venture Capital in the United States. And while the increased attention on closing the gender gap in venture capital is good news, it does not help the female founder who is asking herself, “How will I find the money to start my business?”

Join us for a Jam Session designed to show you the money. Our presenter Kim Cayce will discuss how to successfully launch and fund your startup. Attendees will be provided with models for creating a startup funding plan and you will walk away from this Jam Session with:

  • Insight into assessing how much funding you need at every stage of your startup journey.
  • A deeper understanding of the 10 proven sources of funding for your business.
  • Advantages and disadvantages for each source of funding.
  • Increased ability to identify and overcome gender bias when you seek funding.
  • The exact tools you need to help you build out your funding strategy.

Kim Cayce is the managing director for Luna Venture Partners. She is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold several multimillion-dollar businesses and helped countless others do the same. Kim is an internationally recognized expert on women’s economic empowerment, and a captivating speaker who is frequently asked to speak about women’s entrepreneurship at various international conferences, including the 2017 Pakistani Women Entrepreneurs Summit.


Kim Cayce

Kim Cayce

Managing Director, Luna Veture Partners

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