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Treat Yo’ Self vs. Build Yo’ Self: Real Talk on Self-Care

Online • April 25, 2019

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In this Jam Session, you’ll learn how stress impacts your body, how to recognize stress in yourself, and how to build an effective, meaningful, and practical plan for managing stress in your life.

Thursday, April 25, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

On a scale from 1-10, what’s your stress level in a typical week? What causes you the most stress – the never-ending to-do list, trying to fit 36 hours of work into a 14-hour day, trying to find some semblance of work-life balance, coworkers, bosses, kids – or some combination of all the things?

We know we should take care of ourselves, we know we need breaks, we know we need time to unplug. But, who has the time, and does any of it really help anyway?

You may have ready a few (or dozens) or “5 tips” or “3 steps” articles promising effective strategies for self-care or “beating stress.” But, what does self-care really mean? Many women get to the point of burnout and feeling broken, then schedule a massage or other “Treat Yo’ Self” rewards, desperate to recharge, get your energy back, or feel in control again. These strategies can feel great in the moment. How do you feel five minutes after it’s done?

In this Jam Session, you’ll leave with:

  • Knowledge of how your body experiences stress
  • An understanding of what triggers your stress the most
  • A more effective plan for how to build a meaningful self-care plan
  • Practical strategies for fitting stress management into your crazy busy life

…and hopefully a few laughs along the way!


Dr. Sarah A. Miller is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, career/wellness coach, and founder of Moment in Mind. After serving as a national trainer and expert in evidence-based therapies for the Department of Veterans Affairs, she started her organization to help women professionals build themselves into stronger individuals and more effective leaders, so they feel ready to build a better world. She is particularly passionate about arming women with evidence-based knowledge and strategies… because women deserve nothing less. In her free time, she loves running and finding new places and cuisines to explore in Los Angeles. She is a mother to 5 and 2 year old girls and a 1 month old boy. 

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