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Member Spotlights

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.

Member Spotlight

Jenn DeWall

Motivational Speaker, Leadership & Confidence Coach Jenn DeWall Coaching

Want to know the secret to confidence? I'll give you a hint. It's learning how to stop depending on someone else to tell you whether you're getting it right, worthy, or smart enough. And it all sta...

Member Spotlight

Ellen Meyerson - CRPC

Sr. Wealth Advisor Vanderbilt Financial Group

I am a problem solver for individuals, families and small business 401k's. My passion is to assist women in transition. This is where I found myself 33 yrs. ago. Separated, then divorced, no saving...

Member Spotlight

Sheila Cosgrove, CMC

Leadership Coach and Senior Consultant North Highland

I’m Sheila Cosgrove, Founder and Managing Director of Achieve and Inspire Leadership Coaching. I love working with smart and accomplished women who are building a successful career, are contributin...

Member Spotlight

Madelyn Dorta

Writer + Multimedia Creator Self Employed

My name is Madelyn Dorta. I am a multimedia creator, producer, and storyteller. I have my own multimedia production studio called Wrightwood Studios. My focus is on creating epic works of fictions ...

Member Spotlight

Amanda Lien

Self-Employed Content Writer and Editor

I'm Amanda Lien; I'm a journalist-turned-editor-turned-freelance content creator who specializes in PR and marketing ghostwriting and social media copywriting. Now that I've taken the plunge and go...

Member Spotlight

Laura Fravel

Brand Strategist | Storyteller | Speaker Laura Fravel | Personal Branding

I help female executives and entrepreneurs, with decades of amazing experience and expertise, to make an income and an impact. I help them step out from behind their brand: to know their story, to...

Member Spotlight

Tara Perman


I am a professional coach focused on helping career moms gain the clarity and courage to confidently make bold life changes. I shifted into this work after spending 20+ years doing leadership devel...

Member Spotlight

Catherine Cantey

Founder Catherine Cantey LLC

I'm a tenacious connector and recovering banker. After 22 years in banking, I've created a Business Vitality framework allowing businesses to remain viable in today's constant changing world.

Member Spotlight

Laura Templeton

CEO 30 Second Success

Hi Ellevate Sister! I'm Laura Templeton, Founder and CEO of 30 Second Success, helping business owners, professionals, and sales teams ditch the pitch and start connecting. Yes! I love helping au...

Member Spotlight

Sarah Bojorquez

Talent Acquisitions specialist Integrity Express Logistics

Hello everyone! I am Sarah and I am from Cincinnati, OH. I currently work as a Talent Acquisitions Partner with Integrity Express Logistics here in Cincinnati. My job is to find top notch sales ...

Member Spotlight

Caryn Kent Dean

CEO & Managing Partner Once Upon an RFP

I'm Caryn Kent Dean, CEO, Founder & Managing Member of Once Upon an RFP. I live outside of Chicago with my husband, 3 kids and Scout the rescue dog. I've been an entrepreneur for 3 years because...

Member Spotlight

Jen Walter

Confidence Coach Jen Walter Coaching

I'm a confidence coach for midlife professional women who want to change careers. My clients dream about being in a more fulfilling career, but think "it's too late" or "I could never do that". I h...