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Member Spotlights

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.

Member Spotlight

Mary Kay Ziniewicz

Founder/CEO Bus Stop Mamas, LLC

Hello, My name is Mary Kay Ziniewicz, and I am the founder of Bus Stop Mamas. I provide businesses fast access to experienced and affordable talent while engaging mamas in meaningful work that fits...

Member Spotlight

Emily Bezak, MBA

Digital Marketing Project Manager, Contract WESCO International

Hello! My name is Emily Bezak, and I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA with my husband and two English Bulldogs. By day, I'm a digital marketing. By night, weekend, and even the wee hours of the mor...

Member Spotlight

Jhaymee Tynan

Assistant Vice President, Integration Atrium Health

My name is Jhaymee Tynan and I consider myself a kindness champion, corporate leader, and crusader to change the way we deliver healthcare in our communities across the country. I am currently foc...

Member Spotlight

Cindy Jorgenson

CEO & Luxury Travel Advisor Synergistic Travels, LLC

I believe very strongly that the experiences we learn while traveling make us better in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Member Spotlight

Priya Balachandran

Vice President Applied Silver

I am a technologist and business strategist focused broadly on commercializing innovations that help change people’s quality of life. Currently, I am a Vice President and member of the Executive t...

Member Spotlight

Barbra Gilman

Owner Self

I’m Barbra Gilman and I’m a therapist, coach, speaker and author—I’m known as the Quick Change Artist because I help people rapidly change their energy so they can change their lives… and change th...

Member Spotlight

Lorna Macleod

Executive Director Huru International

My name is Lorna Macleod, and I’m the Founder and Executive Director of Huru International. At Huru, we envision a world where no girl or woman is limited by her period. We produce and distribute l...

Member Spotlight

Ruth Frigo

Services Sales Latam Bid Manager NTT Data Services

Hello my name is Ruth Frigo. In my opinion am a very successful person. Executive professional, mother, married, with psychology extra activities helping people to be better.

Member Spotlight

Hanan Wehbi

Account Director W Studio

I am a passionate marketer and not afraid to dip in and out of careers. I am a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and Pilates instructor. I work in media production at the moment and build cr...

Member Spotlight

Lynn Palko

Owner/ Managing Director Palko Management Consulting

Hello! I am Lynn Palko, owner and Managing Director of Palko Management Consulting. As the tag line on my website reads, "As Top Tier Consultants, we help businesses build strong organizations and ...

Member Spotlight

Caitlin Donovan

Acupuncturist, Burnout Coach, Podcast Host Cait Donovan LLC

As an expert in Chinese medicine, a life coach, and a serial entrepreneur, I faced burnout multiple times throughout my career. This lead me to a concentration on helping other female entrepreneurs...

Member Spotlight

Keina Newell

Founder, Financial Coach and Educator Wealth Over Now Financial Coaching and Education

Hi, I’m Keina! I work with passionate and hardworking single women who need help creating financial goals so that they can save more, pay off debt, and stress less about money. I enjoy helping my ...

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