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Christine chao Member Spotlight

Christine Chao

General Counsel Foremost Group
"You can work hard and not be successful; there are no guarantees. But you absolutely cannot be successful without working hard."

Yesenia reyes Member Spotlight

Yesenia Reyes

Managing Director, Consulting Accenture
"I see work-life balance as my daily opportunity for improvement. I choose to make the day what it is. I ask myself what choices I need to make. I ask myself if I still love what I do."

Giovanna forte Member Spotlight

Giovanna Forte

Founding Director Forte Medical
"Set your own rules and believe that you can achieve anything. Always. If anyone tells you otherwise, ignore them."

Annabel mendez 2 Member Spotlight

Annabel Mendez

Marketing Strategist and Founder Marketites Strategic Marketing Firm
"I am very focused on my team because they're young & ambitious individuals. I want them to know that if a kid who comes from a dusty town in Central America can live out her dream, they can, too."

Pamela friedman Member Spotlight

Pamela Friedman

Partner Silicon Hills Wealth Management
"The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that if I can grow my business, I can hire a younger generation of financial planners to be ethical and honest investment professionals."

Fabiana scott Member Spotlight

Fabiana Scott

Founder & Executive Director Florescer Production & Event Design LLC
"Educate, inspire and challenge people to do better. There are no limits for those who believe in their inner power and have the strength to choose their own path."

Img 9919 Member Spotlight

Maria Parrella-Turco

Co-Founder & Senior Partner New Paradigm Partners
"In order to have balance, you need to take charge of your life and not have it take charge of you."

Katie winphoto Member Spotlight

Katie Mehnert

CEO Pink Petro
"The best part of any job I’ve had is the people and helping make change happen. People make the world run."

Anna auerbach Member Spotlight

Anna Auerbach

Cofounder and Co Chief Executive Officer WERK
"Be committed to what you want to do. Once you focus and are persistent, nothing can stop you."

Mary meston Member Spotlight

Mary Meston

Business Strategist and Founder 2 Soar Solutions
"While working hard is a prerequisite, by itself it isn’t enough to truly be successful. Often what prevents us from being successful are the barriers and blind spots we carry with us."

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Annie Dean

Cofounder and Co Chief Executive Officer Werk
"Put your heart into everything you do. If your heart isn't in it, find a way out. We need your best work, not the other stuff."

Adrienne author   3650 Member Spotlight

Adrienne Monson

"Make a career goal and plan for yourself. Map it out so you know exactly what you're doing and where you're going."