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Lori West

Founder and Managing Director The Brilliance Trailblazer Ltd
People are generally more motivated by fear than opportunity. When you understand this, you can set about being an agent for change.

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Jessica Z Hornbeck

Big Picture Bookkeeping Founder
The most important legacy I want to leave behind is to share with as many women as possible that if fearless, we can achieve anything we want.

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Patricia Shelton

Owner Tropical Healing Retreats
I claim my self-worth, take time out for myself when I need it, without any apologies for doing so. This is my one no fail tactic to not only create balance but to also maintain it daily.

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Abha Maryada Banerjee

Producer, Creator and Host BREAKOUT with ABHA .TV
Learn, unlearn, and educate your self. Master what you pick as your area of expertise.

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Leah R. Bennett, CFA, CIC

Chief Operating Officer Westwood Trust
I find that younger professionals are afraid of making mistakes; don't be. As long as you are reflective and learn from them, they are very healthy and will make you a stronger professional.

Janice goldman Member Spotlight

Janice Goldman

Author of Let's Talk about Money - Author, Speaker, Financial Coach Janice Goldman LTD
My dream is to see the gender pay gap erased within my lifetime. I long for the day when women stop settling for what’s offered to them, and instead, speak up and demand equal pay.

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Rachel Bauer

Chief Creative Officer Gild Collective
As women, we deserve the same number of professional development opportunities that our male counterparts get, even if we have to make them ourselves.

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Mathilde Leary

Managing Director Health-e-Port
Be compassionate about what you chose to do. Back your compassion with technical skills - It will give you credibility no one can take away.

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Leigh Sevin

Co-Founder We Are Arthur, Inc.
Keep working and share the realities of how you do it with the world.

Kareen Member Spotlight

Kareen Walsh

Coach/Adviser/Entreprenuer Revampologist, LLC
I am a change agent, a problem solver, but most of all, my professional mission is to empower others in believing they are capable of achieving the life they dream of.

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Julia Landauer

Founder, CEO Julia Landauer Racing, LLC
I hope to show that women can tackle anything while doing so with integrity. With charisma, energy, guts, a plan, & a team, women should be allowed & encouraged to set high goals & go after them.

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Laurie Thompson

Principal, Global Financial Services Practice Heidrick & Struggles
It may sound hokey, but I would consider myself a connector. Whether it's linking my clients with potential talent who can help them accomplish their business goals, connecting people to a new job tha