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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Cyndy Reynolds

Job Seeker N/A

I'm a seasoned HR professional and I'm seeking a career change. I'd like to stay in HR but hope to connect to a meaningful non-profit next.

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Wendi Yen Huestis

Chief Advancement Officer Worldreader

Worldreader gets children reading so they can reach their potential. We are an international nonprofit organization working with partners to get children reading at least 25 books a year with understanding, because regular reading improves reading comprehension, social-emotional learning, and digital literacy. Since 2010, Worldreader has supported more than 21 million readers in over 100 countries.

Member Spotlight
Lia Seth

Director of People Operations Vivante Health

I’m Lia! I’ve found my career calling in Human Resources, and I’m excited to join the Seattle chapter leadership team with Ellevate as co-President in 2024. I grew up in California but have made Seattle my home over the last three years and it suits me wonderfully. I find joy in making people’s lives easier, accessibility, compliance, snow-capped mountains, grey sweaters, thriller novels, snickerdoodles, and pop punk music. I’m also a lifetime Girl Scout and former pub trivia host.

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Catalina Valenzuela

Senior Strategist - Managing Partner Innovus

I am Catalina Valenzuela. I lead my own consultancy firm where we design and build solutions to improve organizations capacities to reach their mision.

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Raksha Raksha Shah

CEO/Founder wisebitenutrition LLC

I am Raksha, Founder and CEO of wisebitenutrition LLC. "At WiseBite Nutrition, our mission is to empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and delicious, nutrient-dense foods they need to make wise choices for their well-being. We are committed to creating a community that fosters holistic health through education, innovation, and exceptional products, all while promoting sustainability and ethical practices. With a focus on balance and mindful eating, we aim to transform the way people approach nutrition, making it accessible, enjoyable, and a cornerstone of their vibrant, long-lasting vitality."

Member Spotlight
Shelly Houser

Entrepreneur Inclusive Consulting, LLC

Greetings adies of Ellevate! I am Shelly Houser, currently living in NE Pennsylvania and am passionate about disability advocacy and education! I created Inclusive Consulting in 2021 and have worked with universities, emergency responders, state workers and companies to broaden their knowledge and recreate their best practice approaches to working or serving persons with disabilities.

Member Spotlight
Valerie Chaille

Coach and Consultant Valerie Chaille Coaching

Hi! I'm Valerie Chaillé, a certified teacher, financial planner, and life coach, and I help women exchange their "should" and "supposed-to" goals for goals that satisfy their soul.

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Kelly Pratt

Owner/Founder Athena Village | Second Star LLC

I'm Kelly Pratt and I'm focused on building an online community called Athena Village.

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Julie Cropp Gareleck

CEO & Founder Junction Creative Solutions

I’m Julie Cropp Gareleck, CEO, entrepreneur, and now author. For over two decades, I have dedicated my career to working with companies, whether an early-stage company, or a global Fortune 1000 brand on developing the right strategies to support growth. It has been a mission to not just provide incredible smart strategies but also deliver results that provide a positive impact to our clients. As an author, it is my mission to empower and motivate entrepreneurs, business owners, and prospective business owners, providing real experiences and advice on what it takes to be successful.

Member Spotlight
Lia Grimberg

Principal and Consultant Radicle Loyalty

Hello. My name is Lia Grimberg. After 20+ years in corporate, this year I launched a loyalty consulting business called Radicle Loyalty. Radicle Loyalty creates marketing strategies and designs loyalty programs to correct customer behaviour and drive emotional loyalty.

Member Spotlight
Ircilia Inacio

Human Resources Consultant Korn Ferry

Hello, my name is Ircilia Inacio. I am Human Resources Consultant focused on psychometric assessments, system trainings and onboardings. I work with Human Resources Professionals at the top management level to identify the talent acquisition outcomes they were seeking to achieve.

Member Spotlight
Christelle Soto-Suarez

• Self-Leadership Awakener – Coach, Facilitator / Executive & Leadership Coach | Empowering hard-working, busy professional women+ who feel stuck and unable to move forward, to start taking action! | Writer | French, English, Spanish Pistachio-Cassis Coaching

Well, my name is Christelle Soto-Suarez, and I’m an “eclectic, non-conforming, introvert” human being… Eclectic, because I’ve always wanted to have multiple experiences – leading me to a 25- year international career in the construction industry, working in different countries, languages, positions, types of projects… and then to setting up my own life coaching practice, Pistachio-Cassis Coaching - empowering professional women to design, build and then lead THEIR life and career in their own terms. Non-conforming, because I didn’t consider the lack of role models (for the lifestyle I wanted) in my social environment as a reason for not trying – but it doesn’t mean I didn’t have plenty of confidence issues along the way! Introvert, because I definitively enjoy spending time with myself, and I’m quickly drained of energy when I’m with a large group of people – which means I had to adapt my behaviors so that being an introvert would not be an obstacle.

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