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Kristin Burke

Kristin Burke

Introduce yourself to our audience. Tell us who you are and what you are currently focused on.

As a Goal Achievement Coach, I collaborate with ambitious women to help them accelerate the growth of their client-based businesses and partner with leaders to help them grow inclusive teams. I bring over a decade of coaching and leadership experience from the financial services industry to help my clients maximize their potential and achieve their definitions of success. I serve my clients via individual coaching sessions, a small group coaching format called Achievement Group Coaching and through workshops such as the 4 Characteristics of Goal Achievers. I host the Elite Achievement podcast with the desire to demystify the goal achievement process by interviewing exceptional women and detailing success strategies. I am a personal growth and development junkie, avid reader, novice golfer, mama to a vivacious daughter and married to my high school sweetheart. When I'm not working, I'm usually practicing yoga or appreciating the Southern California beach life.

Tell us about your favorite Ellevate Network memory or success story. Why are you a member?

I had an opportunity to facilitate a Spotlight Coaching workshop for Ellevate members in 2020. As I learned more about the organization, I couldn't identify any reasons not to join. I wanted to show up to that workshop as a facilitator and member! I was excited to detail the four potential roadblocks women face when completing their Spotlight profiles and offer ideas on how to overcome the roadblocks. In typical 2020 fashion, my internet connection was poor during the workshop and my daughter burst into my office in a panic because our neighbor smelled gas. Thankfully, I leaned on years of facilitating meetings and quickly problem-solved to keep the workshop flowing. I'm grateful for Arielle and Analisa in the Los Angeles chapter for bearing with the technology challenges, moving the slides forward while I facilitated via my cell phone and for the members who remained engaged in the presentation. I stayed calm, felt confident in the material I prepared and quickly thought on my feet to problem solve. It's my hope the members who attended left feeling more confident and energized in submitting their Spotlight profiles.

How would you define your professional mission?

My mission is to help others maximize their potential and achieve their definitions of success. I am passionate about helping women embrace their ambition and develop plans to achieve their goals. I love helping my clients celebrate their wins, learn from their failures and setbacks and intentionally progress towards their goals. It's incredible when a client achieves her best year ever in business, breaks her personal record for clients served or moves closer to her long-term vision.

What qualities does it take for someone to be successful in your line of work?

To be an exceptional coach, you have to be passionate about helping others. As a coach, you pour into other people. There are times when you are carrying the belief for your client until your client develops the confidence and belief in herself. Exceptional coaches listen. They listen for the off-handed comments and ask questions with genuine curiosity. Clarity around who you serve as a coach and how you serve your clients is necessary for success. When I launched my practice, I focused on collaborating with women, leaders and entrepreneurs. Through coaching experiences and self-discovery, I've learned I get fired up to coach ambitious women who want to achieve breakout performances in their client-based businesses. Your definition of your ideal client will likely evolve over time! Business development is one of the most important business activities for a coach. When I launched my business, I needed to replace income immediately. I set up a couple of referral meetings with close professional contacts, prospected for my ideal client, booked meetings and got referrals in some of those early meetings. Yes, I've leveraged social media for clients but there is a ton of power in being able to client build through referrals! I on-boarded my first 20 clients using PowerPoint and no website. My CPA helped me focus on a critical aspect of running a business, making money. It was easy for me to get distracted with all of the things that felt like a priority in the early stages of building my business.

What project have you worked on that you’re most proud of? Why?

I am most proud of launching the Elite Achievement podcast. A couple of years ago, I set a goal to listen to one podcast per week. I was working in a corporate office at the time and would often listen walking to and from work. I thought podcasters were so cool and so knowledgeable! I learned a ton from listening to podcasts and eventually grew the courage to leave my six-figure corporate role to start my own coaching practice. When I started my coaching practice at the end of 2019, I knew I wanted to host a podcast to give back via the platform that helped me, to positively impact a broader audience and to establish my brand as a goal achievement coach. Writing the goal to launch a podcast during business planning was easy, but actually taking the action to implement was difficult. I felt overwhelmed with where to begin and nervous to be so vulnerable in such a public format, so I practiced what I preach. I hired a podcast producer/coach. Investing to bring my goal to reality was one of the best business investments I made my first year in business. My producer provided me with a plan, the technical skill to produce a top-notch podcast and the accountability to show up on the microphone. We've released 14 episodes of Elite Achievement at the time I am submitting my Spotlight profile with the shows for Q1 of 2021 recorded.

What is your morning ritual?

I’ve learned that sticking to a consistent morning routine is a journey that evolves over time. It takes time to learn about yourself and what works and what doesn’t work. A lot of the books and articles I’ve read on morning routines suggest the same routine executed at the wee hours of the am each day. I struggled with following this advice consistently. I started to feel bad about myself for missing a routine or shortening my routine when in a rush. I didn’t want to have another thing to simply check off the list. I realized what is most important to me is having a moment of each day where I am intentionally working towards my goals. Somedays that means I dedicate an hour to my morning routine and some days I dedicate 5 minutes. As a mom & business owner I did not want a super rigid routine. I wanted to create a practice that I enjoyed, appreciated and incorporated into my day without feeling obligated.

So I established 3 morning routines!

My max potential morning routine is my all-out routine! This routine includes the 6 steps listed below and I typically achieve this routine three times per week. My mini morning routine is shorter and includes steps 1-4 listed below. I lean on this routine when I have early client meetings. There are days when steps 2-4 happen in mid morning versus first things in the morning. On those days, which we all have, where nothing seems to be routine or on schedule, I practice just one step. I find myself adjusting my routine when I am traveling and I read my short-term vision. The habit of starting each day by reading my short-term vision keeps me focused on my important goals and reminds me of the person I want to become.

By having 3 different morning routines my consistency has increased. I no longer feel like it’s all or nothing. For me, this aligns with my belief to focus on progress versus perfection.

Short-term Vision – Each quarter I write a vision statement that details what I want to achieve in the quarter, the beliefs and habits I need to evolve, the type of mama, wife and business owner I want to be and some motivational affirmations or quotes. Gratitude – This is the practice that changed everything for me! I quickly realized what is important to me and gratitude helped me make decisions in the direction of my priorities. With a daily reminder set on my phone, I built the habit of writing down what I was grateful for each day. I like reflecting on gratitude in the am to minimize negative thoughts about what might happen throughout the day. Practicing gratitude changes everything, yet nothing changes. 10.10.1 – Thank you Rachel Hollis for this practice. I heard Rachel talk about the power of writing a 10-year vision, distilling it down to 10 dreams and then one goal on her podcast (episode #72). I thought about following Rachel’s advice many times. Like most things we intend to do, I didn’t follow through until I established accountability. My sister and I started having regular goals calls, and we decided to share our visions and list of 10 dreams on our first call. To establish this practice as a habit, I joined Rachel’s community in the 90-day challenge at the end of 2019 and have not looked back. Writing my 10 dreams and 1 goal daily keeps me focused on the bigger picture. Read Page from Daily Reader – I’ve read John Maxwell’s book The Maxwell Daily Reader multiple times. I remember taking pictures of the daily inspirational messages and reading them on my babymoon in 2014. What I love about this book is you read just one page per day. The pages are filled with leadership and personal growth messages that prompt reflection. Read for 10 Minutes – On days when I intentionally carve out more time for my morning routine, I set an alarm to read for 10 minutes. I have a goal to read 36 books in 2021 which will be the most I’ve ever read in a year. This intentional reading time is enjoyable and aligns with one of my goals. Meditate – I am still working on consistently incorporating meditation into my routine. What does work is setting an alarm for a couple of minutes and sitting down to focus on my breath. If my mind wanders (which it often does), I acknowledge the thoughts and go back to focusing on my breath. I have no idea if I am doing this right, but what I do know is that I feel a sense of peace and clarity when I am finished. I am also surprised at how fast 3 minutes passes when my mind stops racing and I am being still.

What would you say your personal superpower is?

I was chatting with one of my best friends and we were discussing her career advancement. She shared with me that I have this unique way of filling people up and helping them believe in themselves while still telling the truth. My personal superpower is helping people achieving their goals! My clients excel with goal clarity, by growing their confidence, by taking courageous action and making consistent (not perfect) progress towards their goals.

Is work-life balance a problem for you? What is one no-fail tactic you use to create balance?

In graduate school, I authored my thesis on the topic of women and work-life balance. Through my research, I concluded that the way we talk about balance communicates an unrealistic reality for many working women. At the time, I purposed we shift the discussion away from balance and instead strive for work-life management. Now, as a mom and a business woman I think in terms of work-life integration. As a goal achievement coach, I serve ambitious women who want to accelerate the growth of their businesses or advance their careers while living a fulfilling life outside of work. My clients are constantly figuring out how to excel professionally while balancing their other responsibilities and interests. My view of balance today is that it doesn’t exist long-term. Life might feel balanced one day or one week, and then a large project is due or schools are closed due to a global pandemic and the balance scales are shifted. My recommendation for women seeking balance is to stop striving for balance. For many of us, we are hard-wired for perfectionism so balance is one more thing we don’t get right. This desire for balance sets us up for unrealistic expectations. Instead, I recommend to my clients that they strive for clarity and intentionality. I define clarity as knowing what you want and why you want it. Some women want more work success, some women want more family involvement and some women want more personal time. If you are extremely clear on what you want, then you can work intentionality to achieve your own version of work-life integration. I think it is really important to listen to your own intuition and to minimize the influence of others’ opinions when it comes to knowing what you want. The times in my life when I felt least balanced where when I focused too much on other people’s influence, feedback and perceptions. I’ve learned to be incredibly intentional with the content I consume, influencers I follow, books I read and podcasts I listen to. Minimizing negativity and the desire to compare my situation with others, positively influences my own work-life integration. We tend to achieve what we think about, and I want to feel good about the progress I am making in business, personally, as a mom and a wife. I am able to make progress in the areas that are most important to me, because I work with intention. Working with intention involves reflecting and planning. Client calls, business development, personal appointments, workouts and even golf dates with my husband go on my calendar. I review my calendar every week to ensure I prioritize the right tasks and projects. I check in with my goals weekly and monthly to consistently progress in the areas most important to me. I created a Friday Ritual in my practice this year and it is a game changer! Each week I end my work week by writing down my weekly wins, noting any lessons I learned and identifying the priorities for next week. This sacred ritual keeps me focused on progress not perfection, celebrates the victories along the way, helps me identify when to pour more into my family or my business and allows me to close out the work week before the weekend. Giving myself the time to rest and recharge on the weekend is key to feeling energized about the new work week.

What advice would you offer future leading ladies wishing to break into your industry?

Lean into your intuition! We recently moved and I came across notes from a decade ago outlining my coaching practice. I've had this dream on my heart for a long time, but hesitated to take action. Fear and practicality always outweighed the risk of starting. Finally, I realized I was not going to be in control of my career destiny in a corporate role. I raised my hand and attended the leadership programs and did not get the next step I desired. I think it was the universes way of encouraging me to make the leap. It's easy to get caught up in comparison or listening to the people you respect tell you what could be next on your career journey. The practices of yoga, journaling and gratitude helped silence the outside influences and allow me to turn inward to listen to my intuition.

What is the best career advice you ever received?

The answer is always no unless you ask! I learned this simple principle from my former managing partner and a business mentor. I often repeat this advice when I am hesitant to ask for help or about to engage in a new endeavor in my business.

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