Cecilia Gorman

Member Spotlight

Introduce yourself to our audience. Tell us who you are and what you are currently focused on.

Let's start with this: I absolutely love sharing messages of personal growth and leadership, a passion that inspired me to launch my own business. My company, Creative + Talent + Partners, typically works with advertising agencies and other creatively-minded companies to impact employee potential. I have a special love for coaching new and struggling managers and I speak on topics that help propel careers and businesses forward.

How would you define your professional mission?

I truly believe in servant leadership, that by helping others and adding value to them and their careers, we accomplish so much more in our own lives. My mission is to find ways to help people personally and professionally, in whatever capacity I can, so that they can do more in their lives than they thought possible. So often in our careers, we work with our heads down, staying focused on our job and the things we need to get done and of course that's fine and necessary. But, once we realize that our success is connected so deeply with others, we start to lift our eyes up and look around and see all the people who we can help and, in turn, who can help us.

What qualities does it take for someone to be successful in your line of work?

As a speaker, trainer and coach, success only comes when your clients get results. You can be the greatest motivational speaker on the planet, or the best coach anyone has ever seen, and if your clients don't make a change, it is all for naught. It takes someone who's empathetic and caring plus inspiring and passionate to be a force for change in others' lives. You have to believe in their potential and be utterly enthusiastic about helping them grow to be successful as a trainer and coach.

What are some career challenges on your radar?

As an entrepreneur, challenges are seemingly everywhere. I wear every hat and, at times, that can be overwhelming. Every day something new comes up that I haven't dealt with before, so being in business for yourself is definitely a great learning environment. The biggest challenge though, is lead generation and making sure people know of me and my services and how I can help their employees, as well as having enough leads to result in a booking. There are so many corporate trainers in the space, it's tough to differentiate and stand out.

What project have you worked on that you’re most proud of? Why?

I am most proud of a film I helped produce called, "Pursuit of Passion: Diversity in Advertising." What started as a small idea to interview a few folks who worked in advertising, turned into a corporate-sponsored nationwide production in partnership with the biggest names in the industry. We ended up creating a short film that inspired college-level students, to consider a career in advertising. We worked hard to showcase people with diverse backgrounds and interests as well as ethnicities and ended up with a wonderful film about an incredible industry.

We’d love to hear more about your career path. What led you to where you are today?

If you would have asked me 20 years ago where'd I'd be today, it would not have guessed it would be here! I never would have imagined I'd be an entrepreneur, yet now I am. And what's led me to where I am today is an attitude of openness. Being open to the flow of wherever my career journey was going to take me and trusting that any next step would benefit me no matter what. And trust me, I've taken a few missteps in my career, but they always taught me something that proved helpful later on. Where I am today is a culmination of all those steps forward. My passion for helping and coaching people started early on, I just wasn't tuned into the fact that I could make it my career. I just thought my love for adding value to others was something I did on top of my day job. Little did I know, it would become the driving force for my business. By staying open to the twists and turns throughout your career, you may find it leads you exactly where you're supposed to be.

What does success look like to you?

Success for me has morphed over the past year and a half. I left the corporate world and started my own business and that's forced me to redefine success both personally and professionally. What I'm slowly learning, while working daily at my kitchen table, is that success isn't about "getting." Getting that next job or promotion or bigger house or car, that holds no weight for me any more. And honestly 2 years ago, with my fancy title and matching paycheck, I would not have agreed. But now, now I understand. The things you "get" matter less than who you become. Success is about becoming the best version of you that you could ever imagine. A person that's not stressed or frantic from the rat race, a person that's happy and healthy, a person that's doing things they love to do vs. things they have to do, and a person that's both loving and loved by the people that matter. You can't buy any of that with a bigger paycheck. And that's truly success.

What is one piece of advice you’d offer working moms?

"Be present, not perfect," is the advice I'd offer working moms and, frankly, something I wish someone would have told me when I was a new mom. Women spend a good portion of their lives trying to keep every ball up in the air - career, kids, husband, hobbies, exercise, family - that we end up more focused on the act of juggling rather than the individual balls themselves. Taking the pressure off trying to be perfect alleviates a lot of the stress for a working mom.

Tell us about your favorite Ellevate Network memory or success story. Why are you a member?

I love that the Orange County, CA chapter is just kicking off and that I had the opportunity to join right from the start. All our members are eager to connect and the energy of the group is just fantastic. I am a member of Ellevate to find other women who are passionate about their careers and enjoy adding value to others. What better way to do that than through a group like Ellevate.

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