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Michelle Strydom

Michelle Strydom

Introduce yourself to our audience. Tell us who you are and what you are currently focused on.

Hello Ladies - my name is Michelle Strydom, CEO and Founder of The SMG Group. I am currently focused on growing my training company that specialises in helping you as a business entrepreneur become a superstar seller. If you are a medium to larger organisation then I usually work with CEO's, Learning and Development Heads, Sales Directors and their sales team to accelerate sales growth.

Tell us about your favorite Ellevate Network memory or success story. Why are you a member?

The reason I joined Ellevate was to expand my professional Ladies network not only locally but globally and to connect with wonderful like-minded Ladies on a personal and professional level. To learn from others, as well as offering my skills and expertise to help others in need.

How would you define your professional mission?

To give business professionals the practical tools, skills and techniques to grow their business, be more successful and make more money to sustain their families and satisfy their deepest desires. Taking the pain out of non-performance.

What qualities does it take for someone to be successful in your line of work?

To get up quickly when you have been knocked down. Be resilient, persistent and never stop believing in yourself. Strong determination and lots of hard work.

What is one of your most memorable career accomplishments?

Being the top seller in two different countries for the multinational company I used to work for before going on my own.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The beautiful people that come into my life and if I have the privilege to work and train them, listening to their honest and unsolicited feedback in saying that I was the best investment they ever made. Truly humbling.

What legacy do you hope to leave through your work?

That I made a real positive difference to people's professional and personal lives and when people think of me - it is with a huge smile on their face and a warm feeling in their hearts.

What is it about your job that makes you feel it’s the right fit for you?

When you are doing a job that truly reflects what you are passionate about that also plays to your strengths and more importantly you have FUN doing it - that is absolutely the right fit for me.

What would you say your personal superpower is?

Not being scared to take on what may seem like the impossible - my tenacious appetite to succeed. Knowing I can achieve whatever I put my mind to and of course my insatiable energy level.

What is the best career advice you ever received?

Failure is an outcome, not a person. The juice has to be worth the squeeze.

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