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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Jessie Spressart, ACC

Leadership Coach Optia

Hi there! I'm Jessie, founder of Optia Consulting. As a coach, my passion is helping stressed-out attorneys rediscover their love for practicing the law and helping them create a well-integrated life by shifting their mindset, understanding their value, and helping them set healthy boundaries. I also work with lawyers and firms to teach management skills and bring a more well-rounded perspective to their understanding of the practice of law.

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Jennifer Green

D360 Coach Manager Weight Watchers

My name is Jennifer Green. As a mother of two girls, living through 2020, it has been an interesting journey to say the least! I am a Territory Manager, with WW Canada, as well as a Certified Coach Practitioner. My current focus is incorporating my learnings where I can within my organization to support our teams, as well as continue to play a role with Global pilot projects as I have a passion for building new connections and the productivity that comes from it! Outside of work I love to travel, and I like getting creative - through movement, art, you name it.

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Caroline Johnston

CEO and Founder Caroline Sarah Ventures

I’m the Founder and CEO of Caroline Sarah Ventures. A woman-owned company which provides International Business Development consulting and coaching services for professional & personal growth. Our goal is to develop International Business, Interpersonal Relationships and customized pathways to success. I use my background as an International Sales Director & Business Executive for 15 years to consult and help companies increase their revenue through the development of effective Sales & Marketing strategies. Having worked across Europe and the US, I developed a deep understanding of business operations and in different cultures and apply this experience to help companies reach new markets. I use my multilinguistic skills (particularly fluency in French & Spanish) to assist companies with their international expansion plans. The techniques from my certified trainings in behavioral science, leadership, positive psychology and cognitive behavioral coaching have enabled me to empower women in challenging circumstances. I specialize in leadership and mindset coaching to help individuals build their self-confidence and resilience skills. Most recently, I developed a brand Caroline Sarah to collaborate with organizations particularly those providing support services to those suffering from eating disorders and domestic violence.

Member Spotlight
Elisabeth Dewailly

Financial Advisor Merrill Lynch

I am a proud Ellevate member and Harvard Graduate. I am on an all-female team, and I’m currently focused on generating a greater positive impact in the world both personally and professionally. My two main impact projects are promoting diversity and inclusion and combatting climate change. I am a member of Nexus Global, Harvard in Impact, WINGs WorldQuest, and several other impact-related organizations.

Member Spotlight
Elizabeth McClure


Hi, I'm Pichi Bellingrath McClure. I am a motivational speaker and life coach who specializes in adversity and challenges. I'm currently focused on giving speeches to parolees who have just gotten out of prison.

Member Spotlight
Lourdes Green

AGENCY LEAD ON COUNTERING-TRAFFICKING US Agency for International Development

I am a Workforce Development Transformation Executive with over 20 years of Human Resources Management experience. Currently servicing the US Government (USG) as the Agency Lead on Counter-Trafficking for the United States Agency for International Development. In my current role, I manage staff in the USG interagency and internationally who are responsible for implementation of Agency initiatives and programs. In a snapshot, I provide both program and fiduciary oversight for Agency-sponsored strategies, policies and programs for combating modern slavery.

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Anne Muchine, MBA

Consultant (BI) Sirius XM Radio Inc.

Anne Muchine is a business strategist & finance coach helping entrepreneurs identify, understand and track key data to drive financial growth and support better decision making. Anne has spent the last 19 years in Business Intelligence where her extensive background has allowed her to work with various companies helping them develop custom dashboards & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Anne also works with individuals & families identifying best practices for personal finance that will have them winning in business finance and vice versa. Anne’s project for 2020 is launching a Personal Finance online course that will help more people towards their goal of financial freedom.

Member Spotlight
Terry McDougall

President Terry B McDougall Coaching

I am an Executive Coach and author of "Winning the Game of Work," a new book about how to maximize the intersection of personal happiness and professional success. Prior to becoming a coach in 2017, I worked in the corporate world as a marketer for more than 30 years. Over the past 10 months, I have been focused on finishing my book which launched in April. Now I'm continuing with my coaching business to help high-achieving professional be effective in their current roles while also staying in touch with their personal motivations so they can balance happiness and success. I also work with professionals who want to pivot towards a career that is more fulfilling and that aligns more naturally with who they are.

Member Spotlight
Daisy Lin

FVP, Digital Content & Communications East West Bank

I am first and foremost a storyteller, and my mission is to connect people to each other through stories, and I've done that as a writer, editor, and video producer. I currently serve as the editor-in-chief of a digital news magazine geared toward entrepreneurs, called Reach Further.

Member Spotlight
Melanie Rivera

CEO Breaker28

Hi Ellevate community! I am a management coach, consultant and trainer that has the pleasure of working 95% time coaching nonprofit executives as a Partner with the Management Center, and 5% of my time growing my own venture, Breaker28, focused on advancing equity and creating the conditions for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to thrive at work.

Member Spotlight
Lisa Magill

Co-Founder + COO Aleria PBC

Hello all! I'm Lisa, co-founder and COO of Aleria. We are on a mission to take the guesswork out of diversity and inclusion. More specifically, we work with organizations, helping them measure inclusion and determine how to best allocate their D&I resources to drive impact and create more inclusive cultures.

Member Spotlight
Jill Ralph

President, Global Membership The Motley Fool

I'm Jill, and I head up the Global Membership business for The Motley Fool, a finance and investing company. I'm responsible for helping scale our company's mission -- to make the world smarter, happier, and richer -- around the globe. Our teams work across four continents, and deliver investing commentary and advice to millions through a free-to-fee subscription business model.

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