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Member Spotlights

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.

Member Spotlight

Ruzana Glaeser


I am a sourcing professional, negotiation expert, and co-founder of,a website aimed to empower women to ask on their own behalf and enlighten men on struggles women face wi...

Member Spotlight

Joanna Holden

Founder/Creative Director Modular, ink.

Hello, I am Joanna Holden, I own a creative agency, Modular, ink. My agency is your go-to creative agency for brand, visual identity and digital marketing. We work to develop long-term partners...

Member Spotlight

Natalie Kaminski

Co-Founder and CEO JetRockets

My name is Natalie Kaminski and I am a co-founder and CEO of JetRockets. We are a web and mobile application development company and we focus on helping businesses become more productive and effici...

Member Spotlight

Kelli Wingo

Founder/Chief Vision & Strategy Officer KMW Catalyst

Warrior, Orator, Coach, Content Creator, Fire-starter and Lover of Laughter I have a passion and calling to help business leaders, organizations and citizens of the world catalyze the greatness ...

Member Spotlight

Shanna A. Hocking

Associate Vice President, Development Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

At 18, I knew I wanted to have a career in fundraising. I staffed an event for my alma mater where a donor honored his mentor with a gift to the university and I knew then I wanted to help create t...

Member Spotlight

Debra Lynne Driscoll

Fearless Force Program Manager Fearless Communicators

In my role I see women enter the program with many fears about either speaking, being seen, vulnerability and owning their story. In each, I am the privileged witness to the opening up and emerging of

Member Spotlight

Michele Madera

Partner, Business Immigration Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP

My name is Michele Madera and I am a business immigration lawyer based in Philadelphia. My practice is focused on providing strategic immigration guidance to a broad spectrum of corporate and insti...

Member Spotlight

Anita Srivastava

Financial Advisor Merrill Lynch

Hi, My name is Anita Srivastava and I am currently focused on helping busy ad successful professional women simply their finances and live the best life possible. I do this as Part of the KS Group ...

Member Spotlight


Group Head of Strategy Chalhoub Group

I am Ludivine Labussière-Delormel, French lady living in Dubai, married to an incredible French man and mother of an amazingly lively baby girl. I could describe myself as a working-mum, always try...

Member Spotlight

Chelsea Marti, M.A.

Director Social Content | Innovation Group Novartis

I'm currently focused on global social, digital and content marketing for a multinational professional services firm (primary focus: tech services). In 2019 I have been working toward a promotion i...

Member Spotlight

Nancy Jacoby

Owner, Coach & Consultant Nancy Jacoby Coaching & Consulting

Hi everyone! My name is Nancy Jacoby and I'm an Executive Coach and Consultant. After 25 years in the healthcare industry, both at bedside and in progressive leadership positions, I recently opene...

Member Spotlight

Dr. Grace Lee

CEO Mastery Insights

I am a career mentor & educator, neuroscience expert and speaker helping career-driven professionals joyfully earn more, be more, and experience greatness—an ultimate level of success and reward in...