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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Kinkini Sarkar

Quality Director Pyramid Systems Inc.

I offer strategy and business process improvement services to individuals and organizations to help them remain authentic to their vision and mission in the face of changing work conditions, markets and competition. I believe happy leaders lead happy organizations and as such am keenly interested in studying what drives a culture of the company. Ultimately I aim to help people and organizations optimize and improve performance and quality of professional life through consultation, training and mentoring. I can leverage the 15 years of experience in organizational process improvement, Quality assurance, PMO governance, SDLC management and change management as well as a background in software development. I recently started a blog that comprising my thoughts and perspectives on a variety of current and relevant topics. Outside of work, I am an avid reader and traveler, and love spending time with family and kids. I also volunteer on the board of directors for IDEA - a non-profit organization committed to promoting and enabling the cultural dance forms of India.

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Ruzana Glaeser


I am a sourcing professional, negotiation expert, and co-founder of,a website aimed to empower women to ask on their own behalf and enlighten men on struggles women face with daily. Professionally speaking, I have experience negotiating for manufacturing and retail companies, in the US and abroad, for large corporations as well as small privately held firms. Aside from the busy business world, I feed my passion of empowering women through researching, blogging, mentoring, and connecting! I was born in Russia, and lived there until I was 15, when I moved to the US on my own. I have a direct yet collaborative approach to negotiations, and have a unique perspective on global culture. I really enjoy working with women and speaking about how women can find confidence to negotiate on their own behalf and succeed!

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Joanna Holden

Founder/Creative Director Modular, ink.

Hello, I am Joanna Holden, I own a creative agency, Modular, ink. My agency is your go-to creative agency for brand, visual identity and digital marketing. We work to develop long-term partnerships with businesses that are going to market with exciting and innovative ideas and products. Our work—creating brands, websites, videos—results in provocative, passionate and powerful materials that reflect your brand.

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Natalie Kaminski

Co-Founder and CEO JetRockets

My name is Natalie Kaminski and I am a co-founder and CEO of JetRockets. We are a web and mobile application development company and we focus on helping businesses become more productive and efficient by building custom software solutions. We also work with startups helping them create new tech products. I have been in this industry for 20 years, working on my own for 10. I have great passion for building new digital products and using technology to solve complex business problems.

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Kelli Wingo

Founder/Chief Vision & Strategy Officer KMW Catalyst

Warrior, Orator, Coach, Content Creator, Fire-starter and Lover of Laughter I have a passion and calling to help business leaders, organizations and citizens of the world catalyze the greatness that lies within. I serve as the Founder/Chief Vision and Strategy Officer of KMW Catalyst LLC, a personal and professional development company focusing on authentic personal branding and entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship culture to increase employee engagement and retention leading to revenue growth. ​ I am also the Founder/Chief Orator of Spiryt In Motion, a movement dedicated to dismantling the oppression of limiting beliefs one talk at a time.

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Shanna A. Hocking

Associate Vice President, Development Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

At 18, I knew I wanted to have a career in fundraising. I staffed an event for my alma mater where a donor honored his mentor with a gift to the university and I knew then I wanted to help create these opportunities to transform ideas, people and places through philanthropy. I have worked the majority of my career in higher education (public and private/Ivy League) and recently transitioned to academic medicine. I have experience in billion dollar plus campaigns and have personally solicited and closed $85+ million throughout my career. I am a speaker, writer, and podcast guest on leadership, career development, and fundraising.

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Debra Lynne Driscoll

Fearless Force Program Manager Fearless Communicators

In my role I see women enter the program with many fears about either speaking, being seen, vulnerability and owning their story. In each, I am the privileged witness to the opening up and emerging of

Member Spotlight
Michele Madera

Partner, Business Immigration Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP

My name is Michele Madera and I am a business immigration lawyer based in Philadelphia. My practice is focused on providing strategic immigration guidance to a broad spectrum of corporate and institutional clients so that they can attract and retain top international talent.

Member Spotlight
Anita Srivastava

Financial Advisor Merrill Lynch

Hi, My name is Anita Srivastava and I am currently focused on helping busy ad successful professional women simply their finances and live the best life possible. I do this as Part of the KS Group at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. I have a doctorate in Economics from Columbia University and rigorous training in Finance and Capital Markets. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and hold the Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist℠ designation. In addition I help coordinate the financial affairs of a select group of families, retirees, corporate executives, business owners, and non-profit organizations. By providing education I help clients make the best possible decisions that simplify and clarify their financial lives.

Member Spotlight

Group Head of Strategy Chalhoub Group

I am Ludivine Labussière-Delormel, French lady living in Dubai, married to an incredible French man and mother of an amazingly lively baby girl. I could describe myself as a working-mum, always trying to do the best that she can, constantly wondering whether what she is doing is enough. Cliché but true! I currently work within the Strategy Office of the Chalhoub Group – the leading partner for luxury brands and luxury concepts across the Middle East. I lead a team of 3 extremely motivated women, which makes every day quite exciting: we have a lot of interesting projects to work on in 2020, so the new year is already announced to be promising! As a strategist, my key role is mainly to support our top management in its decision-making and to steer the Group in the right direction to stay relevant and sustainable in the long-run amidst an environment endlessly on the move. That’s in a nutshell.

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Chelsea Marti, M.A.

Director Social Content | Innovation Group Novartis

I'm currently focused on global social, digital and content marketing for a multinational professional services firm (primary focus: tech services). In 2019 I have been working toward a promotion in 2020. It's been a year long process and I am getting close to making the leap to Senior Director at a multinational firm. I'm 10 years into my role as a director level marketer with increasing responsibility and am interested in growing to the next level. At the same time, I am becoming senior enough in my career to have time to consider the other important things: giving back, life outside of work (wellness, health and balance) and thus, I decided to join Ellevate. In 2019, I've launched my own side gig/ passion project in 2020 called @macrophotonyc to continue to build my skills beyond content marketing and amplification, tying back to an emerging revenue-driving model.

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Nancy Jacoby

Owner, Coach & Consultant Nancy Jacoby Coaching & Consulting

Hi everyone! My name is Nancy Jacoby and I'm an Executive Coach and Consultant. After 25 years in the healthcare industry, both at bedside and in progressive leadership positions, I recently opened my own business, Nancy Jacoby Coaching & Consulting. I'm currently focused on growing my business and doing great work for my clients.

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