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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Dr. Grace Lee

CEO Mastery Insights

I am a career mentor & educator, neuroscience expert and speaker helping career-driven professionals joyfully earn more, be more, and experience greatness—an ultimate level of success and reward in their work and life. Given my personal experience where I found that my academic and educational training weren’t nearly sufficient to help me overcome my challenges let alone achieve the greatness I was destined for, I am on a mission to redefine modern education, teaching men and women how to unlock true vocational confidence and master their professional destinies. My approach uses brain-based coaching for career and life integration.

Member Spotlight
Sofia Maravich

Head of Customer Success Operations Measured

My name is Sofia Maravich and I currently serve as the Senior Director of Client Success at my company, Nativo. To provide more background on my company, we are changing the way users consume content and interact with brands. We are enabling this shift by developing new technologies, data insights, and best practices that will power the next generation of media and advertising. In my current role, I am primarily responsible for client growth and retention across 400+ managed and self-serve clients. I work closely with Sales Leadership, Product/Engineering and Sales Ops (Planning, Content, Analytics & Ad Ops) to evolve product needs, improve departmental processes, campaign best practices and support for clients.

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Michelle Atlas

Business and Life Coach Michelle Atlas Coaching

I am a transformational business and life coach who believes that for many women, the capacity to receive is the missing link to their authentic and lasting success. The money story is a worthiness story and we can't receive success when we don't feel worthy.

Member Spotlight
Angelica Rodriguez

Executive Coach & Non-Profit Executive Angelica Rodriguez

Hi, my name is Angelica Rodriguez. Currently, I'm working as a non-profit executive and launching a corporate executive coaching practice. I'm navigating entrepreneurship because I have found so many organizations with leaders who truly wanted to see big change and transformation. Unfortunately, there were so many hidden roadblocks and a lot of the times, the small steps and minimal risks that were taken didn’t lead to the big transformation they intended. I work with leaders to go “below the surface” to uncover what is holding them back from identifying and leading the big transitions needed to catapult their organizations to industry-leading mainstays. Through a co-creative process, I help executive clients break down silos and get people talking about what is “hard” and “scary” to overcome the mindset of “we’ve always done it this way.”

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Monisha Kapur

Founder- Style Coach and Virtual Personal Stylist 344PM, LLC

I’m a style coach and virtual stylist. I work with women entrepreneurs and executives to help them find their signature style and dress to their unique personal brand. At the ripe old age of 8 I knew I wanted a career in fashion. I worked in NYC’s fashion industry moving through the ranks from women’s shoe buyer to product developer to merchandiser and everything in between. After 15+ years in the industry I decided to pivot and spend some quality time with my daughter while going after my entrepreneurial dream. In November of 2013 I launched 344pm- an online personal styling consultancy start up.

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Katherine Porter

CEO & Founder The Transition Navigator

I am a teacher turned lawyer turning entrepreneur. What all of these things have in common is helping people. Right now I am launching The Resource Woman which will be a platform for Gen X professional women to find, learn and engage with the issues on our minds. I will be writing, speaking and coaching women to integrate their whole selves and design a life in line with their values and goals.

Member Spotlight
Mary Kay Ziniewicz

Founder/CEO Bus Stop Mamas, LLC

Hello, My name is Mary Kay Ziniewicz, and I am the founder of Bus Stop Mamas. I provide businesses fast access to experienced and affordable talent while engaging mamas in meaningful work that fits within the lifecycle of caring for their children.

Member Spotlight
Emily Bezak, MBA

Founder, Freelance Writer and Marketing Consultant Emily Bezak Writes

Hello! My name is Emily Bezak, and I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA with my husband and two English Bulldogs. By day, I'm a digital marketing. By night, weekend, and even the wee hours of the morning, I'm a freelance writer and marketing consultant. This month I've been focusing on putting together a social media calendar for TEDxPittsburgh and writing a newsletter for L'Oreal executives about AI, the future of work, and managing short-term and long-term goals through uncertainty and change.

Member Spotlight
Jhaymee Tynan

Consultant, Global Health, Public and Social Sector, and Diversity and Inclusion Practices Egon Zehnder

My name is Jhaymee Tynan and I consider myself a kindness champion, corporate leader, and crusader to change the way we deliver healthcare in our communities across the country. I am currently focused on helping to lead Atrium Health to execute our mission - to improve health, elevate hope, and advance healing for all. We aspire to be the first and best choice for care. Through my work in corporate development, I am work with executives within my organization to implement our enterprise strategy and deliver our healthcare services at scale to communities throughout the Southeast. This requires creating an integrated healthcare delivery system and experience where every patient can achieve their best health and live their life according to their own rules.

Member Spotlight
Cindy Jorgenson

CEO & Luxury Travel Advisor Synergistic Travels, LLC

I believe very strongly that the experiences we learn while traveling make us better in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Member Spotlight
Priya Balachandran

Chief Marketing Officer Applied Silver

I am a technologist and business strategist focused broadly on commercializing innovations that help change people’s quality of life. Currently, I am a Vice President and member of the Executive team at a Silicon Valley start-up, Applied Silver. At Applied Silver, our mission is to drive forward our collective social responsibility towards more prudent use of antibiotics, and we do so by converting everyday fabrics into germ killers and infection fighter. Armed with a Ph.D. in microbiology and trained in marketing and product strategy, my day-to-day job varies from being the ground-floor scientist to the brand manager.

Member Spotlight
Barbra Gilman

Owner Self

I’m Barbra Gilman and I’m a therapist, coach, speaker and author—I’m known as the Quick Change Artist because I help people rapidly change their energy so they can change their lives… and change the world. No matter what projects I’m working on at any given time, that’s always my current focus.

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