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Member Spotlights

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.

Member Spotlight

Stephanie Dalfonzo

Anxiety Expert |Integrative Hypnotist | Speaker | Author Stephanie Dalfonzo, LLC

I help you overcome stress, fears, anxiety and insomnia using a unique blend of hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching and many other healing modalities. Over 20 years of researchin...

Member Spotlight

Rachel Sauerzopf

Manager New York Life

My name is Rachel Sauerzopf and I am a manager of the medical underwriting administration team at New York Life Group Benefit Solutions. Since the summer is our slower time (not open enrollment) I...

Member Spotlight

Kristen Nielsen Donnelly, PhD

Founder Abbey Research

Hello! I'm a TEDx speaker, international empathy educator, and researcher with two decades of experience in helping people understand the beauty in difference, and the power in inclusivity. I'm one...

Member Spotlight

Jacqueline Narvaez

Financial Advisor Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

I’m a wife, future mom and financial planner. Growing up I always knew I wanted to work in a role where I could help people. Financial Planning has given me that opportunity to work with clients on...

Member Spotlight

Kim Carpenter

Executive Coach/Change Facilitator/Speaker People At The Center

I’m so honored to be the Austin Chapter Co-President for Ellevate Network! I’m committed to helping companies and leaders create workplaces where people thrive, which in turn helps the company grow...

Member Spotlight

Gloria Halim

Consultant Chief Wellness Officer - Award-Winning Health & Wellness Practitioner - Author - TEDx Speaker

I'm a Consultant Chief Wellness Officer and Award-Winning, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I got into the holistic space after going through cancer treatment 13 years ago and a strong...

Member Spotlight

Emilia D'Anzica

Member Forbes Coaches Council

Emilia D’Anzica is Founder of Growth Molecules. Starting her career in Silicon Valley, Emilia has developed a passion for technology, women in tech, and building scalable customer success programs...

Member Spotlight

Annie Scranton

Founder & CEO Pace Public Relations

Hi. My name is Annie Scranton and I'm the Founder + President of Pace Public Relations. I am currently focused on growing and building my business by expansion and addition of different service off...

Member Spotlight

Susan Madon

Founder MInerva Nonprofit Management Consulting

I am a natural-born coach and cheer-leader in the nonprofit sector. I am inspired by the tremendous work done each day by the millions of nonprofit organizations all over the world and love helpin...

Member Spotlight

Mary Hendra

Southern California Program Director Facing History and Ourselves

Recently, I was called a “weaver.” I like that! What does it mean? It means I am an executive who relishes the intersections between corporate, non-profit, and government spheres. All three are nee...

Member Spotlight

Gabrielle Garrett

Media Consultant + Life-Designer for Women

Hi all! I'm Gabi Garrett, I'm an award winning journalist, in fact, my piece on "Throwing Out the Old Bananas" was ranked the Top 5 articles of 2020 on For the past four years, I ...

Member Spotlight

Colleen Paulson

Resume Writer | Career Coach | Consultant Colleen Paulson, MBA, CPRW

My name is Colleen Paulson - I'm a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and career coach based in Pittsburgh, PA. I help clients to position themselves in this competitive job market. Often,...