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Naomi hattaway headshot 2017 copy Member Spotlight

Naomi Hattaway

Founder + Realtor I Am A Triangle
I am a community builder who leads with integrity and grace. I believe in the display of quiet power and fight fiercely for kindness and collaboration.

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Ahlilah Longmire

Founder-President The Tesla Group PR & Events
A mission without a purpose is non-existent to me. So, I am more purpose-driven by anything that I do, which ultimately shapes my mission or road to success.

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MiMi Dabo, MBA, JD, CPA

Life Coach for Women MiMi Dabo Coaching | Life Coach For Women
I'm currently focused on changing the lives of professional women and creative entrepreneurs around the world.

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Katica Roy, CPT, MHP

Pipeline CEO
As the daughter and sister of refugees and the daughter of an immigrant, I am driven by a passion to eradicate economic inequality and I champion the rights of refugees, women, and children through...

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Sharon Pereira Alvares

PR Account Director Matrix Public Relations
I have been working at Matrix PR for the past 10 years and am a PR director. Prior to working at Matrix I was a PR consultant at Lowe Lintas in India.

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Nekeshia Woods

Strategy Artivest
At each stage of my career, I made moves to different firms and industries for a variety of reasons, but all experiences have positively impacted the way I create and execute strategy for companies.

Svetlana dimovski phd small Member Spotlight

Svetlana Dimovski, PhD

Founder and CEO Dharma Growth LLC
As an integral coach, I am passionate about facilitating deep insights and actions that promote a restored sense of wholeness for clients dealing with high stake complex situations.

Carrie rattle Member Spotlight

Carrie Rattle

CEO & Founder Behavioral Cents, LLC
As CEO & Founder of Behavioral Cents, I am a Master Money Coach for professional women. My 30-year journey in financial services across multiple countries has led me to this - my true passion in life.

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Cole Godvin

Digital Marketing Manager Emergent Academy
Success is elusive if you are just hunting it directly. Success comes to you when you find a field and a role in which you can fully invest.

Chiente hsu main Member Spotlight

Chiente Hsu

Head Quant Research QCAM
I am a member because I am passionate in mentoring young talented women. I am where I am professionally and personally because I was lucky to have a few great mentors during my career.​

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Sharon Podobnik

Founder Go Love Yourself
I'm Sharon, a career educator who recently switched gears to focus on creating more dialogue around personal growth and self-care!

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Lyndsay Massey-Groe

Learning Consultant MD Financial Management | Gestion financière MD
Learning and performance development is my passion and specialty. My mantra - to dedicate my life helping individuals in all walks of life achieve things they never thought possible.