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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Jaemi Moore

DE&I Coordinator Alliant

My name is Jaemi Moore and I am the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Coordinator at Alliant Insurance Services. While our organization has had a focus on DE&I for some time they made a strategic shift to develop a full DE&I department December of 2021. With a year (almost) under our belt we have been focusing on building out our team to create a broader positive impact for our employees. I am primarily focusing on coordinating our initiatives and streamlining our processes.

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Amy Pirozzolo

Self-Employed Educator

Hi, I'm Amy, an educator currently focused on Chemistry.

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Abidemi (Abi) Marsh

Self-Advocacy Specialist, Speaker, Workplace Wellness Strategist Reinvent Your Identity, LLC

Hello Beautiful Soul. I am Abi Marsh, the Chief Reinvention Officer at Reinvent Your Identity, LLC. I am currently focused on launching Motherhood2Menopause, a program designed to help organizations in supporting women's wellness in the workplace, and empowering women to self advocate from the bedroom to the boardroom.

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Mariana missakian

Inspirational Speaker. Best Selling Author. Doctoral Student. Westford Univeristy

Hello, I am Mariana Missakian, and I am an Amazon Best-Selling author. I am Armenian. I was born in Beirut and moved to Dubai when I was 18. That was 23 years ago. I am a former #bosslady in stilettos. I spent my 20’s and 30’s travelling the world, working for Fortune 500 companies, making great things happen. Now, in my 40’s I make people happen. I initiate conversations that matter - on women, on leadership and on identity - and I provide safe spaces and stages for women and young leaders to trust their voice and believe in their story. In 2021 I published my first book, a satire memoir on identity “That Suburbia Lady”. The book is a collection of 40 short stories, about a full-time mom navigating through the seasons of life to find her identity stripped from job and title.

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Vijaya Kuppa

CEO and Founder DANS-K Consulting LLC

An expert independent Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety consultant with over 14 years of experience facing and resolving some of the industry's toughest challenges in the GCP, GVP space..

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Kelley Holland

Financial empowerment coach and author, You Are Worthy (coming Sept. '22) Own Your Destiny Coaching

I'm Kelley Holland. I'm a financial empowerment coach for women, and my book You Are Worthy: Change Your Money Mindset, Build Your Wealth & Fund Your Future will be published in September 2022.

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Kashmira Makwana

Executive Director, Deputy General Counsel Veracyte, Inc.

I am an experienced healthcare lawyer focused on seeking my next in-house position.

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colleen pon

Culture, Inclusion & Employee Engagement Colleen Pon

I feel at my best when I am learning, making connections and being of service. I enjoy building community and welcome stimulating conversations that will help us elevate together.

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Andrea Driessen

Wordsmith Amplify, Inc.

I help business owners, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs change the world with their words. Many professionals lack the skills and time to create clear, unified, buyer-directed communications—and showcase their highest value. But you can gain an unfair advantage with what I call Money-Making Messaging—communications that speak directly to the needs of prospects to drive sales. In my spare time, I am a hospice volunteer, and deliver interactive keynotes on “Gracenotes,” AKA eulogies for the living. A voracious reader, I also love to travel, sip cocktails, bike, and unfold into yummy yoga poses. My home base is Seattle, WA.

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Christine Alvarez ACC PCP

Co-Founder Your Next Next

Christine Alvarez - Building a Coaching Practice around Career Pivots and Transitions called Your Next Next. And working on a book with that title.

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Pam Jackson, PhD

CEO and Founder Driven Performance Consulting

Greetings, I am Pam Jackson, PhD, new entrepreneur as founder of Driven Performance Consulting FZE based in Dubai, UAE.

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Shelley Knisley

Head of Sales & Customer Success Armoire

Hello Ellevate! I'm Shelley Knisley -- an event technologist supporting organizations as they rethink community and engagement with their audiences in the hybrid working world. I'm also privileged to serve as the Seattle Chapter's Event Ops Lead - bringing engaging and thoughtful, meaningful connections to our chapter.

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