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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Laura Templeton

CEO 30 Second Success

Hi Ellevate Sister! I'm Laura Templeton, Founder and CEO of 30 Second Success, helping business owners, professionals, and sales teams ditch the pitch and start connecting. Yes! I love helping audiences dig deep and find the words that connect with their audiences and drive more business to their door. How, you ask? As an International Speaker, Author, and Communications Coach I work with the most amazing people who just need the right formula and a bit of belief in themselves to overcome their struggle to communicate their value and connect with confidence. I am currently working on a course for the do-it yourselfers who want a step-by-step tutorial of the formula I teach to my global audiences. This formula is proven to help you craft a 30 second message that attracts more clients and gets them to want to know more about you and your work. Stay tuned for the launch announcement!

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Sarah Bojorquez

Talent Acquisitions specialist Centric software

Hello everyone! I am Sarah and I am from Cincinnati, OH. I currently work as a Talent Acquisitions Partner with Integrity Express Logistics here in Cincinnati. My job is to find top notch sales and coordinator talent for our offices in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Denver, CO. I am also a part time real estate investor and working towards my real estate license in Ohio.

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Caryn Kent Dean

CEO & Managing Partner Once Upon an RFP

I'm Caryn Kent Dean, CEO, Founder & Managing Member of Once Upon an RFP. I live outside of Chicago with my husband, 3 kids and Scout the rescue dog. I've been an entrepreneur for 3 years because, after 10 years raising my kids full-time, I re-entered the corporate world and couldn't find the right combination of balance, challenge and creativity. I founded Once Upon an RFP in 2018 as a boutique proposal consultancy specializing in Request for Proposal (RFP) based proposals. I've realized that this is just one piece of the Government contracting puzzle and that there is a lot of inequity in the services available to supporting government contractors that aren't large corporations. I'm working on building sustainable solutions for small businesses that work with government.

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Jen Walter

Confidence Coach Jen Walter Coaching

I'm a confidence coach for midlife professional women who want to change careers. My clients dream about being in a more fulfilling career, but think "it's too late" or "I could never do that". I help them create self-confidence, believe in what they're capable of, and get out of their own way.

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Tanya L Joyce

Owner, Coach Strive Professional

Hi! I am excited (and a bit terrified) to have recently left the corporate world to "ellevate" my coaching business full time. I provide transformational coaching services to prefessional women.

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Lindsay Preston

Certified Leadership Coach & Mindset Expert Lindsay E. Preston Coaching

Hi. I’m Lindsay Preston. I'm a multi-certified leadership coach and mindset expert to driven women who want to own their power in business and beyond so they can live deeply fulfilling lives. I currently work with my clients 1-on-1 virtually all over the world using my 9-month “simple success” proven process.

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Cindy Tsai

Physician, Speaker, Life Coach Self

I am a board-certified physician, mindfulness teacher and life coach who helps high-achieving professional women go from chasing what’s next to loving what’s now. After years in medicine, I left my primary care practice because I wanted to make a bigger impact. Coaching helped me identify what was truly important to me so I could live a life that felt good to me as opposed to the life I “should” be living. My mission is to empower other women to look within and believe in themselves so they can live a meaningful life of ease and joy.

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Deborah Van Doorne

Financial Services Representative Center for Wealth Preservation

I am a Financial Representative at Wealth Advisory Group LLC. I am a career returner to financial services and financial planning. So at the moment I am spending a lot of time building my client base as well as pursuing professional licenses and credentials.

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Tiphani Jansing

Risk & Control Analyst, Supervision & Control Charles Schwab

My name is Tiphani and I'm currently a manager of a phone service team for a financial firm. I'm currently working toward a new position within the company I work for. While I love people leadership, I'm looking for something with our Supervision and Compliance to better fit my skill set and create more balance in my life.

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Marcie Shelton

Founder / Consultant The Leaders Partner

Hello! I am a mother and now an entrepreneur. I am in the launch phase of starting my own Leadership Development and Consulting firm - The Leaders Partner. My focus is on creating the right mix of supporting my family, my business, my community and myself. Each day looks a bit different, but it's coming together!

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Stephanie Dalfonzo

Hypnosis and Healing for Women Entrepreneurs Stephanie Dalfonzo, LLC

I help you overcome stress, fears, anxiety and insomnia using a unique blend of hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching and many other healing modalities. Over 20 years of researching simple ways to calm stress and anxiety birthed itself into my book "Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom."

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Rachel Sauerzopf

Manager New York Life Insurance Company

My name is Rachel Sauerzopf and I am a manager of the medical underwriting administration team at New York Life Group Benefit Solutions. Since the summer is our slower time (not open enrollment) I am working on completing the Associate Customer Service LOMA designation.

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