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Member Spotlights

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.

Member Spotlight

Kseniya Samsonik

Human Resources Coordinator Quest Diagnostics Incorporated

My name is Kseniya Samsonik. I am the Executive HR Coordinator at Quest Diagnostics. I am currently working on a Leadership Development program for Emerging Professionals. I am focused on growing m...

Member Spotlight

Angela Gillespie

Chief Operating Officer Real Chemistry

Hello wonderful women of Ellevate. My name is Angela Gillespie and I currently serve as chief operating officer of Real Chemistry, a purpose-driven global health innovation company working from the...

Member Spotlight

Diana Damyanova

Growth and Performance Coach Diana Damyanova Coaching

Hello Ladies! I am a former quant, turned strategy and management consultant with experience in variety of industries, most recently financial services. After 10 years in corporate, I took the leap...

Member Spotlight

Anisa Mohammed

Clinical Trial Leader II Novartis

Hi all! I'm Anisa Mohammed and i'm originally from the Boston area, currently living in the outskirts of NYC. I'm a Pakistani-Scottish-American (closely identify with all 3 ethnicities) woman who's...

Member Spotlight

Melissa Lawrence

Career Coach Melissa M. Lawrence Coaching

My name is Melissa Lawrence, I'm a Career Coach for STEM professionals, host the Navigating Your Career podcast, and have a long history of developing and advancing others in the pharma/biotech ind...

Member Spotlight

Heather Cassell (She/Her)

Journalist / Travel Writer /Content Writer Career Changer

I am a freelance journalist working on transitioning into content writing and digital marketing. As a journalist I've covered local and international news and I've been a travel writer for more tha...

Member Spotlight

Meeghan Salcedo

Chief People Officer IPC Systems, Inc.

I am Meeghan Salcedo; IPC's Chief People Officer. I have extensive experience creating transformational Human Resources programs that enable business growth and strategy, with a focus on every orga...

Member Spotlight

Melanie Hicks

Founder InPursuit

Hello Lovely Ellevate Ladies! My name is Melanie Hicks, Founder of InPursuit, a coaching and consulting firm helping people link their careers with their purpose. I have nearly two decades of expe...

Member Spotlight

Morgan Martin

CEO and Founder CoApt Projects

I'm a connector. My goal is to empower the people around me by supporting them with the skills and resources they need to be successful leaders in their communities. My current focus is on the Futu...

Member Spotlight

Tonya Davis

5th Dimensional Success Founder / Owner

I am a business strategist who helps alternative medicine and holistic health professionals to build and scale 6-Figure businesses that feel authentic and in alignment with their purpose, passion, ...

Member Spotlight

Ivna Curi

Founder and CEO

Hello! I’m Ivna Curi and I consider myself an optimist, an independent thinker, a nature enthusiast, an advocate for diversity, inclusion, respect, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and most of all assert...

Member Spotlight

Fiona Smith

Postgraduate Student University of QLD, AUSTRALIA

Hi Ellevate community! My name is Fiona; I’m an English Lit and Drama teacher by training, with a passion for the joy that good literature can bring! I taught in Australia and then London and fi...