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Om 1024 teaching Member Spotlight

Meris Gebhardt, Founder

Founder OM | Opulent Mindfulness
Good afternoon. My name is Meris and I'm a mindfulness meditation professional. My work centers around helping people of all walks of life, professions, and levels of experience find peace and str...

Chp laurah 4971r1 lr Member Spotlight

Laura Honeycutt

Founder + Head Coach Laura Honeycutt Coaching
You can't share your gifts with the world unless you put yourself out into the world, and this requires an absolute rejection of fear, in every form.

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Shira Benedetto

Psychic Medium Shira Psychic Medium
I believe as a society, as we increase our intuition collectively, there will be more transparency, better decision making and more peace throughout the world.

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Ericka Spradley

Career Coach/Chief PowHer Officer Confident Career Woman
Because I believe every woman should excel at work and know her worth, I'm committed to helping women who want to advance, better manage their career and go further faster.

00072 Member Spotlight

Katie Fiore

Head of Conversion Optimization | Design Thinking SYZYGY New York
I've always admired people who found their success later in their lives. Sometimes you need to live life a little bit before you find something you like to do and are also good at doing.

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Jordan Lacenski

Founder / Chief Innovation Officer BrandBoss Creative
There is real power in connecting people for collaboration, and I truly get so much joy from doing so.

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Dawn Metcalfe

Author and Speaker PDSi
Reputation is everything - particularly as the world gets smaller and smaller - and honesty will help you build a great reputation that is sustainable.

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Hannah Sullivan

Co-founder + Designer Pogo Insurance
My mission is to help small businesses stay in business. I want to empower the self-employed workforce by providing them the knowledge and tools to best protect their operations.

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Emily Lamia

Founder & CEO Pivot Journeys LLC
To me, being successful is about being genuinely happy in the work you do... getting paid to wake up and do something that gives me the chance to use my talents and makes other people’s lives better.

Speights grace 00238 4x5 Member Spotlight

Grace Speights

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
You need to lead by example and show people that you’re going to add value. Doing that puts you in a good position to be ready when those moments arise.

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Aparna Mehta

Global Solutions Director - Tier 1 - Retail Sector UPS
I am very passionate about uplifting women and making a broader impact outside of UPS, hence I am now involved with Ellevate and United Way of OC.

Unspecified 13 Member Spotlight

Kristin Andree

Chief Strategist Andree Consulting Group
I want the clients I work with, and those who come to one of my workshops or hear me speak at an event, to leave feeling they have the power within them to accomplish whatever they set out to do.