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Jackie MacLeod

I have sat in the seat of most of my clients — fast paced, stressed, work/life imbalance, striving to fin day authentic leadership voice. Executive coaching will be my career forever.

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Susanne Cappendijk

Founder / CEO EDsnaps Inc.
My deep passion for STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) education and increasing diversity in the STEM workforce led me to decide to found EDsnaps, a 501(c)3 NPO with a focus on in...

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Myra Wenninger

Owner & Principal Consultant The MSL Group LLC
I want to be challenged by my work and continually learning. Being able to do that with clients who share those qualities is even better.

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Raquel Greer Gordian

Founder and Image Consultant Greer Image Consulting LLC
The work I do now and from the beginning has been about one simple thing: celebrating women through personal style.

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Marsha M Evans

Managing Partner Prana Partners LLC
I hope that I'm able to leave a legacy of kindness, generosity of spirit, and calm. I want to be a drop in the bucket that helps open the consciousness of business.

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Ruth Pearce

Founder & Thrive Programme Coach ALLE2THRIVE
I never like to be focused on just one thing! Currently, I am building up my business as a Thrive Programme Consultant - which is a coaching program for people who have anxiety or phobias, or just ...

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Victoria Vitarelli

All of my positions were newly created and up to me to make it as great as it could be.

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Andrea Houtkin

Contract - Project Manager/Disaster Recovery Specialist ELC Online
My career path is taking what I learned on each project and integrating that into my knowledge-base of how to run and how not to run a business.

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Nora Barry

Web Cinema and Transmedia Production Druid Media, Inc.
I'm currently focused on starting my third business (in college I started a housecleaning business; 20 years ago, I started a web content development company; a year ago I launched an on-demand com...

Luci lampe Member Spotlight

Luci Lampe

Sexy Life Coaching Self-Mastery Coach
My mission is to support moms in their personal transformation, therefore impacting their marriages, parenting, and future of generations to come.

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Cheri Derryberry

President/Owner CHMI, INC.
There are times when you have to be tough and teach people things no one has ever taken the time to teach them. They won't be happy, but in the long run, it's in their best interest.

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Nancy Halpern

Principal KNH Associates
I'm a leadership consultant who facilitates high impact off sites and coaches executives aspiring to the C Suite. But that's only after I spent 8 years running a ballet company, getting a MBA and 1...