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Cole Godvin

Digital Marketing Manager Emergent Academy
Success is elusive if you are just hunting it directly. Success comes to you when you find a field and a role in which you can fully invest.

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Chiente Hsu

Head Quant Research QCAM
I am a member because I am passionate in mentoring young talented women. I am where I am professionally and personally because I was lucky to have a few great mentors during my career.​

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Sharon Podobnik

Founder Go Love Yourself
I'm Sharon, a career educator who recently switched gears to focus on creating more dialogue around personal growth and self-care!

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Lyndsay Massey-Groe

Learning Consultant MD Financial Management | Gestion financière MD
Learning and performance development is my passion and specialty. My mantra - to dedicate my life helping individuals in all walks of life achieve things they never thought possible.

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Dara Goldberg

President Mindsets, Inc.
Given the skills, knowledge and natural talents I possess, I have decided that the way in which I can have the greatest impact is to work with individuals and teams in a corporate context.

Kirsten bunch head shot Member Spotlight

Kirsten Bunch

CEO Kirsten Bunch Initiatives
My goal is to help you help as many people as possible.

Abby headshot Member Spotlight

Abby S. Bilanin

Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis Etsy, Inc.
I am working to build out the already strong team with motivated, analytical and creative financial problem solvers in a fast-paced data-rich technology company.

Ourcghru Member Spotlight

Ada Barlatt

your cheerful OperationsAlly OperationsAlly
In helping others recognize how to build a life they love by making smart decisions and taking action, I’m truly living out my dreams.

Morra aarons mele hiding in the bathroom 1200x1803 Member Spotlight

Morra Aarons Mele

Founder/Author Women Online/Hiding in the Bathroom
I’m a mother of three, business owner, and committed hermit entrepreneur. My company, Women Online, creates digital campaigns that mobilize women.

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Jolene McLean, MBA

Dig deep for self-belief and never let it go, or let anyone else tell you that you should let it go.

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Cynthia King

Co-Founder Changing the Conversation: Advancing Women in Business
There are tremendous challenges to being an entrepreneur, but it makes all the difference to take on those challenges with people you trust, like and respect.

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Carol Pate

Co-Owner and Vice President She's It LLC
My professional mission... is to do what I can to shape the attitudes and mindsets of those who hold more power and authority to include rather than exclude “those left out” of society’s institutions.