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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Stephanie Beisser

Managing Director; Skincare; Cosmetics; Advocate; Safer Finder Beautycounter

Stephanie Beisser, Business Development Manager for Junction Creative. Currently I am working to build relationships, expanding my network, and collaborating with successful women. At Junction, we work with companies to drive revenue through digital marketing, strategically, creatively, and effectively. I would love to share our services with Ellevate community members that would benefit from the work we do.

Member Spotlight
Kacie Swartz CFP®, CIMA®

Managing Partner Black Barn Financial

Hi! I'm Kacie Swartz and as of January 2023, I bought half of a small financial planning firm. All 5 of us employed at the firm are women and we are one of the few all-women financial firms in the country.

Member Spotlight
Hilda Maria Valdespino

Associate Director of Career Services Instruction Year Up

I am a white Cuban woman who has achieved more than I could possibly ever have imagined. I have served as on Boards of various kinds. I have run my own business. In my mid-50's I served as an AmeriCorps VISTA for a year helping to help individuals break their cycle of poverty. I moved to Pittsburgh to live close to my grandchildren without a job. I am currently building my brand and reputation as a career coach in an organization committed to closing the opportunity divide in this counrty.

Member Spotlight
Paulette Evans, Ed.D.

CEO & Founder Evans Efficiency Experts, L. L. C.

I identify as a process improvement/project management expert who utilizes proven methodologies to effectively and efficiently solve problems at work, at home, and everywhere in between. Because this ability comes naturally to me, I recently launched Evans Efficiency Experts, a process engineering consultancy focused on helping people and organizations convert chaos to calm before they burn out.

Member Spotlight
Alesia Lewis

Global Head of Tax, Treasury, and Risk Management The Washington Post

I am a Finance Executive currently reporting to the Chief Financial Officer, responsible for tax, risk management, treasury, real estate, and environmental reporting matters at The Washington Post. I also chair international business expansion efforts and an employer inclusion network supporting the professional development of Women+.

Member Spotlight
Eliza Collins

Burnout Expert + Integrative Wellness Specialist The Burnout Witch

Eliza Collins - Integrative Wellness + Burnout recovery expert. I'm pumped to help individuals address their burnout by combining my backgrounds in both the biomedical and integrative healthcare systems with my coaching experience.

Member Spotlight
Sacha Lobo

Key Account Manager Lactalis Canada

Hello Ellevate - I'm Sacha Lobo, I work as a Key Account Manager for Lactalis Canada based out of Toronto. I moved to Toronto fresh out of school, not knowing what I wanted out my career, 8 years and many roles later, I have built a career for myself that I love and enjoy. My current focus is to continue to build on the relationships in the CPG industry and grow my career.

Member Spotlight
Maria Pallas

Creator + Host of The Femme Cast The Femme Cast

By day, I’m a Director of Strategy and Optimization for LAUFT Flexible Workspace. I’m in numbers, data, reporting, and analysis literally all day. I love being able to provide people with accurate “re

Member Spotlight
Jaemi Moore

DE&I Specialist Alliant

My name is Jaemi Moore and I am the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Coordinator at Alliant Insurance Services. While our organization has had a focus on DE&I for some time they made a strategic shift to develop a full DE&I department December of 2021. With a year (almost) under our belt we have been focusing on building out our team to create a broader positive impact for our employees. I am primarily focusing on coordinating our initiatives and streamlining our processes.

Member Spotlight
Amy Pirozzolo

Self-Employed Educator

Hi, I'm Amy, an educator currently focused on Chemistry.

Member Spotlight
Abidemi (Abi) Marsh

Self-Advocacy Specialist, Speaker, Workplace Wellness Strategist Reinvent Your Identity, LLC

Hello Beautiful Soul. I am Abi Marsh, the Chief Reinvention Officer at Reinvent Your Identity, LLC. I am currently focused on launching Motherhood2Menopause, a program designed to help organizations in supporting women's wellness in the workplace, and empowering women to self advocate from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Member Spotlight
Mariana missakian

Inspirational Speaker. Best Selling Author. Doctoral Student. Westford Univeristy

Hello, I am Mariana Missakian, and I am an Amazon Best-Selling author. I am Armenian. I was born in Beirut and moved to Dubai when I was 18. That was 23 years ago. I am a former #bosslady in stilettos. I spent my 20’s and 30’s travelling the world, working for Fortune 500 companies, making great things happen. Now, in my 40’s I make people happen. I initiate conversations that matter - on women, on leadership and on identity - and I provide safe spaces and stages for women and young leaders to trust their voice and believe in their story. In 2021 I published my first book, a satire memoir on identity “That Suburbia Lady”. The book is a collection of 40 short stories, about a full-time mom navigating through the seasons of life to find her identity stripped from job and title.

Member Spotlight