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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Stephanie Mackara

Wealth Advisor Charleston Investment Advisors

Today I am a Wealth Advisor at Charleston Investment Advisors, helping people and businesses align their resources to their goals.

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Heather (Nevitt) Van Lin

Certified Business Coach & Trainer FocalPoint

I’m a Certified Business Coach & Trainer with over 16 years of combined business, product, marketing & leadership experience within various industries

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Jill Hinson

Member NTL Institute

I help people and organizations move from uncertainty to clarity, from fear to belief, and from immobility to momentum to be their best.

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Christy Aleckson, MBA


I'm a Financial Advisor working with small business owners, individuals and families with long-term strategies.

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Simone Sloan

Business Strategy| Facilitation| Executive Coach Your Choice Coach

The legacy that I would like to leave through my work is in the image of a tree. The tree has strong roots, it grows, shares it fruits, and continues to nourish future generations.

Member Spotlight
Shamini Dhana

Founder and CEO Dhana Inc.

I'm the CEO and Founder of Dhana, Inc., ... an ethical fashion brand committed to using clothing to better connect people & our planet.

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Sara Weinheimer

Founder/ExecProducer BroadMic

I'm the Founder/Executive Producer of BroadMic, a podcast with a mission to accelerate diversity in entrepreneurship.

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Kim Albano

Business & Success Coach, Client Experience Designer, Storyteller & Speaker

I am an all time lover of thinking outside of the box. I love helping people create new and exciting ways in which they can grow their business.

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Whitney Johnson

Contributor Harvard Business Review

I am a thinker, writer, speaker, and advisor on driving corporate innovation through personal disruption.

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Nicole Wilson

Founder and Director Musical Orbit

I'm a professional violinist and I've recently started a company, Musical Orbit, which offers online lessons, coaching and masterclasses with top prof

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Kristi Hall

Founder Conscious Connections

I share my passion for waking people up to their power and potential to become significant forces for good, starting with their own.

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Shannon Polson

CEO/Founder, Speaker and Author, Leadership Expert Shannon Polson, Speaker, Author, Veteran

I'm an author, motivational speaker, adventurer and veteran. The Grit Project is my focus and passion, telling the stories of extraordinary women...

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