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Candice M. Hughes, PhD, MBA

CEO & Founder, BioPharma Strategy & Innovation Specialist Hughes BioPharma Advisers LLC
I am a strategy and management consultant for pharmaceutical/biotech firms via my firm Hughes BioPharma Advisers, founded in 2005. I’m passionate about innovating health so everyone can live strong...

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Zahra Bahrololoumi

Managing Director, Resources Accenture
My most successful client outcomes are when I push myself and my team to walk in a client’s shoes. None of that success would be possible without the people around me.

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Sanya Rizvi

Executive Director - Market Director JPMorgan Chase
I am most proud of the moments when I can help an employee navigate through personal hardship, while excelling with her professional success.

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Cindy Garrett

Director, Customer Experience and Contact Center Practice Lead West Monroe Partners
I have always been driven by creating personalized customer experiences which is how I came to lead the contact center practice for West Monroe, overseeing delivery of innovative strategies that ap...

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Alicia Robb

CEO Next Wave Ventures
I've always been interested in women's micro-enterprise and entrepreneurship. My focus on narrowing the gender gap on the investor side is related to getting more funding to women--led companies.

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Casey Foss

Director of Marketing West Monroe Partners
Empower and trust yourself – make the best decision you can today and give yourself the flexibility to change your mind tomorrow.

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Jennine Leale

CEO/Owner HRPro Consulting Services LLC
My professional mission is to provide resources to help businesses grow, be managed as best as possible, create a productive and satisfying work environment while limiting their employer liability ris

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Lucilla Crosta

CEO and Co-funder Smarthink
My professional mission is to support online learners to develop the right competencies needed for the market place, because online learning is not less than face to face.

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Pamela Marrone

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. CEO and Founder
I hope I can give back to younger women entrepreneurs who may benefit from what I have gone through.​

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Tezeta "Tez" Roro, MBA, REALTOR

Real Estate Consultant Real Estate Professional
I am a human bent on living a Life by Design. I am a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a confidant, a community builder, a connector , a business owner and student of life. My current focus is my ...

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Cecilia Gorman

Owner Creative + Talent + Partners
I have a special love for coaching new and struggling managers and I speak on topics that help propel careers and businesses forward.

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Michelle Ferguson MBA

Do things that you are passionate about... in every aspect of your life.