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Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.

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Joy M. England, MPA, CESP

President & Owner Advocates In Action, LLC

My name is Joy England and I am the President & Founder of Advocates in Action. Here at Advocates, we are focused on being the voice to those who don't have one. Both personally and professionally ...

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Anne Chambers

CEO Certifiably

I'm Anne Chambers, Founder of Certifiably. I am currently working on fundraising for my startup, using a crowdfunding platform called Wunderfund.

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Kathleen Lang Metaxas

Artist Designer Owner Organics Imprints Studio Home of “”

I focusing on my business, Organic Imprints Studio Home of The Wearable Garden. I have discovered a process that is both environmentally-conscious and delights those who understand what I produce.

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Denise Csaky, CPC, ACC

Certified Life Purpose Coach for Women The Firefly Moment

I'm a certified life purpose coach for women and have a business called The Firefly Moment. I'm super passionate about helping women reconnect to their hearts, and break down barriers that've been ...

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Sally Rogers

Co-Founder Parsnip

I'm on the endless pursuit to make progress and enjoy the journey, while meeting as many awesome people as I can. I'm an extrovert that doesn't sit still - which has led me down the path of entrepr...

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Sarah Chase

Chief Operating Officer Alda Communication Training Company

I am the Chief Operating Officer for Alda Communication Training (ACT), helping world-renowned actor, writer, and director, Alan Alda, bring his proven improv and communication methods to the world...

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RM Harrison

CEO + Consultant RM Harrison

I'm a pivot consultant and business strategist. I help women entrepreneurs navigate change when they're feeling stuck and unfulfilled in their businesses and looking for what's next.

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Kiley Doll

Sales Director GoPinLeads

I joined Ellevate because I’m passionate about helping women on their entrepreneurial journey - I’m all about engaging with them and listening to their needs.

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Julia Keller

I have been working in arts fundraising for fourteen years and am currently the Major Gifts Officer at the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) in Washington, DC.

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KR Liu

Board Of Directors

I am a technology executive and champion of new products that enhance the way we hear the world. I work toward accessibility innovation in technology and inclusion for people with disabilities.

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Debra Boulanger

CEO and Founder The Great Do-Over, Inc.

I'm Deb Boulanger, CEO of The Great Do-Over and Founder of The Passion Project Incubator for women entrepreneurs looking to launch and grow their businesses. I love to mentor smart and accomplished...

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Lenore Kantor

President and Chief Launch Officer Launch Warrior

I help high-growth companies and emerging women leaders focus on their most critical business challenges so they can effectively move forward and act in alignment with their vision and values.

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