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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Frawn Morgan

Managing Member and CEO LDC Advisors

After a four-decade career in real estate development and finance, I am finally using my experiences as a woman in a male-dominated industry to help other women. I am currently pursuing my doctorate in Organizational Leadership (while continuing to run my professional services business) and researching the experience and well-being of working mothers. My goal is to use this research to identify ways to support working women - and specifically working mothers - as they navigate their career mazes and build exceptional lives for themselves and their families.

Member Spotlight
Nora McCaffrey

Chief Academic Officer Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I am from Brooklyn, NY and now based in Maplewood, NJ. I am a parent of two amazing girls and my career is in online education. I am currently focused on health coach training for a global audience. Our learners are mainly women, seeking to change their careers and help people transform their lives. I have a degree in psychology, a master's in online education, as well as training in culinary arts, health coaching, product management, and strategic leadership. I am a lifelong learner, lover of food, running, hiking, books, and film.

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Irnise Fennell Williams

Attorney Self employed

I am a nurse and a lawyer, and I work with small business owners to help them G.L.O. from struggle to stride through my 5 step change management process. We work together to generate more income, leverage your business as an asset, and create more opportunities so that your business is sustainable and profitable.

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Sabrina Dervich

Senior Sales & Investment Strategy Rosental S.A.

I am Sabrina, mother of two, economist and magister in finance. Ive been working as a financial advisor for many years now in Argentina. I am currently focused on making the financial world accessible for more people, especially women and incentívate them to own their value.

Member Spotlight
Stephanie Raso, aPHR, PHR

HR Generalist One Inc

I am HR professional currently specializing in benefits & leave of absences. I assist employees in navigating the world of benefits, presenting benefit offerings in an approachable format and educating employees on the benefit resources they have available to them. As well as helping break down the complex legal web of requirements for leave of absences, helping explain the options employees may have for a leave. While currently specializing in benefits and leave of absences, career wise I am focused diving into training and development & career coaching.

Member Spotlight
Jenn DeWall

Motivational Speaker, Leadership & Confidence Coach Jenn DeWall Coaching

Want to know the secret to confidence? I'll give you a hint. It's learning how to stop depending on someone else to tell you whether you're getting it right, worthy, or smart enough. And it all starts within you and is completely within your control. I am a leadership and career coach and motivational speaker helping others show up as their confident authentic self at work. Because let's be honest, if you're not showing up as your whole self, you are only bringing half of yourself, your insights, and what makes you YOU into your work, relationships, and life. So stop waiting for someone else to tell you when you're getting it right and start taking the reins. You have one short life. How do you want to live it? Choose your happy life!

Member Spotlight
Ellen Meyerson - CRPC

Wealth Manager AXA Advisors / AXA Equitable

I am a problem solver for individuals, families and small business 401k's. My passion is to assist women in transition. This is where I found myself 33 yrs. ago. Separated, then divorced, no savings, 2 children, 1 a HS senior, the other a college freshman. Totally, illiterate financially. Transitioning to a small apartment from a huge home and wonderful Northshore lifestyle was shocking, scary. The good news is I was accepted to the Merrill Lynch training program. They were looking for women with sales experience. This was a monumental task with a long learning curve. So my goal is to demystify the swamp, bring clarity and peace of mind to each person. I don't want anyone to have to go through a similar upheaval.

Member Spotlight
Sheila Cosgrove, CMC

Founder and Coach Achieve and Inspire Coaching

I’m Sheila Cosgrove, Founder and Managing Director of Achieve and Inspire Leadership Coaching. I love working with smart and accomplished women who are building a successful career, are contributing to their community, and who want to utilize coaching to recognize, promote, and leverage their strengths.

Member Spotlight
Madelyn Dorta

Writer + Multimedia Creator Self Employed

My name is Madelyn Dorta. I am a multimedia creator, producer, and storyteller. I have my own multimedia production studio called Wrightwood Studios. My focus is on creating epic works of fictions as well as growing my commercial client base and serving them with podcast, video, and streaming services.

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Amanda Lien

Self-Employed Content Writer and Editor

I'm Amanda Lien; I'm a journalist-turned-editor-turned-freelance content creator who specializes in PR and marketing ghostwriting and social media copywriting. Now that I've taken the plunge and gone full-time freelance, I'm looking to expand my network and learn from female entrepreneurs and leaders who have gone before me.

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Laura Fravel

Executive Branding & Communications Advisor | Storyteller | Keynote Speaker Laura Fravel

I help female executives and entrepreneurs, with decades of amazing experience and expertise, to make an income and an impact. I help them step out from behind their brand: to know their story, to own it, and then share it with the world… To truly elevate their expertise and impact. In short, I help build personal brands (authentic and impactful). I come from a couple decades in the media industry where my job was to develop and produce stories for everyone from National Geographic and HBO to big brands like Amazon and Intel. And through it all, I saw how powerful the individual’s story is. We ALL have a story to tell. It’s simply in how you choose to tell it, or not. I'm a people-person, mother, runner, traveling, sailing, surfing adventurer, in both life and work. And I’m always excited to connect with others. I hold a monthly roundtable of amazing thought-leaders each month called The ChangeMaker's Roundtable – please join us!

Member Spotlight
Tara Perman

Career Strategist - helping clients find more fulfillment in their work OR a new role TARA PERMAN COACHING

I am a professional coach focused on helping career moms gain the clarity and courage to confidently make bold life changes. I shifted into this work after spending 20+ years doing leadership development at professional services firms. I am now self-employed and focused solely on helping private clients. Although my specialty is helping career moms, I enjoy working with anyone who is looking to make a change. For career changes - I've helped people leave jobs and explore new careers; I've also helped people stay put, our work having uncovered a renewed sense of alignment. For life changes - I’ve helped people create a vision for their big life goals and think thru the necessary steps to start making it happen. I help them move from awareness to action by creating a vision that is supported with a plan. Our conversations leverage tools and activities to help with necessary mindset shifts. And, I offer accountability along the way.

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