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Member Spotlights

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.

Member Spotlight

Jane Perdue

Executive Director The Jane Group

I’m the founder and principal of Braithwaite Innovation Group, a professional development consulting firm.

Member Spotlight

Karen Bigman

Founder & President Self

After 12 years as a stay-at-home mom and 10 years beyond that figuring out what I wanted to be, I found my calling as ‘The Divorcierge’.

Member Spotlight

Mary Murrin

Social Investment Team Lead, Appalachia Partnership Initiative Chevron U.S.A., North America Exploration and Production Company

 I am a communications executive with experience building reputation and growth strategies for large Global corporations as well as early-stage techn.

Member Spotlight

Maureen Brooks

CEO Brooks International

Who I am is a full-time mother of 5 with a very full part-time job as CEO of Brooks and Spaulding, a company where we create experiences that chang.

Member Spotlight

Melissa Means

Managing Director Pearl Meyer & Partners

I recently started my own business and serve as the Founder & CEO of M3 Compensation, a newly-formed compensation consulting firm that assists indivi.

Member Spotlight

Elisa Gaudet

Author - Book series and syndicated column Two Good Rounds

I am the author of three books and founder of the Two Good Rounds lifestyle brand.

Member Spotlight

Kari Mar

Marketing and Business Executive Avanade

I am a Seattle-based business development professional in technology.

Member Spotlight

Lisa Cochran

VP, Payments & Commerce Technology and Customer Care Operations Softcard

As the Vice President of Payments and Commerce Technology and Customer Care at Softcard, I wear a lot of hats.

Member Spotlight

Sara Gragnolati

Founder/CEO Cocomama Foods

I’m the founder and CEO of Cocomama, an emerging food brand with products available in retailers such as Whole Foods Market and Wegmans.

Member Spotlight

Charlotte Beyer

President Principle Quest Foundation

Born in New York City but raised in Dallas Texas, my ‘aha’ moment was at boarding school nearly 50 years ago.

Member Spotlight

Candice Pascoal

CEO/Founder ExponentialGc

Growth hacker with experience in the global music scene, fundraising around the globe and currently heading the leading crowdfunding platform in B.

Member Spotlight

Katie Mehnert

CEO Pink Petro

We are delighted to feature Katie Mehnert, CEO of Pink Petro, the first and only online social platform built by the energy industry for women and their advocates. Katie’s vision for Pink Petro is ...