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Member Spotlights

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.

Member Spotlight

Susan Liautaud

Founder and Managing Director Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited

I founded and run an ethics consultancy Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited advising on organizational ethics for business, non-profit, and governmen.

Member Spotlight

Sarah Vermunt

Founder Careergasm

I’m the Founder of, and I help people to create work that feels good by following their passion.

Member Spotlight

Marjorie Solomon

Philadelphia Host City Chair / DDBS Advisory Committee Member Derby Diversity & Business Summit

Like all Ellevate Network members I fall or have fallen into one or more of the following categories at some point in my life – daughter, mother, si.

Member Spotlight

Jennifer Geoghegan

Elite Advisor Coach & VP Marketing Focus Financial Partners

Professionally, I’m a Coach and Marketing Executive at Focus Financial Partners.

Member Spotlight

Kathleen Kelleher

Managing Director Kelleher Global Legal Support LLC

I am a marketing executive with more than 30 years experience working for several Wall Street firms, Banks and Insurance companies in marketing, prod.

Member Spotlight

Camilla Olson

CEO Savitude

Every morning I walk to my closet and the same thing happens.

Member Spotlight

Renee Smith

President Renee M. Smith Esq. PA.

I am a problem solver. My training is as an attorney but that mechanism of delivery has changed over time.

Member Spotlight

Zeynep Ilgaz

CEO & Founder Confirm Biosciences

I am the founder and president of Confirm BioSciences — a global leader in drug and alcohol testing and employee screening products and services.

Member Spotlight

Ananda Laberge

Negotiation Consultant & Tutor Scotwork

After 15 years as a Sales Leader in the Healthcare field, I came to Scotwork Negotiations as a Tutor and Consultant to train executive leaders on how.

Member Spotlight

Ramona Liberoff

Senior Vice President, Innovation Analytics Nielsen

I am a global 'intrapraneur,' moving between corporates and start-ups.

Member Spotlight

Katherine Collins

I’m Founder and CEO of Honeybee Capital, and author of the book, The Nature of Investing:Resilient Investment Strategies through Biomimicry.

Member Spotlight

Veronica Fielding

President & CEO Digital Brand Expressions

I’m Veronica “Niki” Fielding, President and CEO of Digital Brand Expressions (DBE), a premium-performance digital marketing agency.