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Roula Clerc-Nassar

Founder & CEO Ellumine Consulting & Coaching
I now want to ensure that women are empowered to live the life of our choice, and command the consideration that is ours.

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Lori Webb

Entrepreneurial Profiles: Around the World & Down the Street (Author) Indspark!
Do you. Tap into what your unique desires and gifts are and share them. Don't aim to bring more of the same; aim to disrupt, improve and enhance.

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Mandy Ho

Passion Coach, Founder Wholehearted Expressions
My mission is to create possibilities for women to dream outside of their perceived limitations, make their passion a reality, and change the way we think and live, one life at a time.

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Maggie Germano

Founder and CEO Maggie Germano Financial Coaching LLC
I hope to create a community where women feel comfortable talking about money and supporting each other through their financial ups and downs.

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Sonia Jackson Myles

CEO The Sister Accord dba The Accord Group LLC
If I can get to girls early in their lives with the message of love for self and each other, we will eradicate ‘mean girl’ behavior before they become ‘mean women.’

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Mary Simmons, PHR, SHRM-CP

Director of HR Consulting; PHR Portnoy, Messinger,Pearl and Associates, Inc.
I am a Human Resources Consultant focused on elevating businesses through the engagement, retention and increased productivity of their employees. How do I do that? I partner with an organization...

Wendy perry Member Spotlight

Wendy Perry

Executive Managing Director Merck
To excel in a highly competitive and demanding environment we need to ensure that we have the best talent.

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Jessica Bronzert

Executive Coach & Change Management Consultant The Sparks Group
My focus is helping individuals, teams and organizations build the capacity - not just the skills - to make the changes that make a difference to them and in the world.

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Lora Poepping

PRESIDENT Plum Coaching & HR Consulting
My story is one of a woman-owned business starting from scratch and offering other women an opportunity to create work/life balance on their terms.

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Talia Salvati

Founder & Chief Talent Officer upLIFT HR
It is extremely rewarding getting to know people; their stories and purpose, and ultimately connecting people to tremendous opportunities.

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Erica Keswin

Speaker, Workplace Strategist, Dot-Connector Erica Keswin
I am a workplace strategist who has worked for the past twenty years with some of the most iconic brands in the world as a consultant, speaker, writer and professional dot-connector.

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Jill Zakrzewski

Executive Council | Northern New Jersey Chapter Ellevate Network
The legacy that I care most about is creating authentic relationships with the people I meet. I take my "open door" policy very seriously, because at the end of the day, it's people who matter most.