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Speights grace 00238 4x5 Member Spotlight

Grace Speights

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
You need to lead by example and show people that you’re going to add value. Doing that puts you in a good position to be ready when those moments arise.

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Aparna Mehta

Director - Innovative Global Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions UPS
I am very passionate about uplifting women and making a broader impact outside of UPS, hence I am now involved with Ellevate and United Way of OC.

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Kristin Andree

Chief Strategist Andree Consulting Group
I want the clients I work with, and those who come to one of my workshops or hear me speak at an event, to leave feeling they have the power within them to accomplish whatever they set out to do.

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Saana Azzam

Founder & Managing Director MENA Speakers
My passion lies in education and my pro bono work is dedicated to the United World College, where we give talented teenagers scholarships to top high school education around the world.

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Ariel Snapp

Creativity Coach and CX/UX Consultant Ariel Grace Snapp Enterprises
I am a single mother first - this impacts most of my decisions! I am also a leader - I have been leading teams in the tech and design space for most of my career. I'm am focusing on building a lead...

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Robin Cangie

Career & Leadership Coach Self
I believe wisdom is sorely lacking in the corporate world these days, and wiser leadership from top to bottom could begin to fix a lot of what’s broken, from stagnant wages to inequality to the exc...

Sidelook Member Spotlight

Ruschelle Khanna, LCSW

Founder Ruschelle Khanna LCSW & Associates
My mission is to support others in finding relief from emotional pain and to improve the quality of relationships, beginning with the self.

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Laura Kaufmann

Director of Licensed Sales, CAA-GBG Global Brands Group
Showing someone that you genuinely understand who they are and what they need helps drive stronger connections and trust that can yield substantial results.

Rebecca zung clough Member Spotlight

Rebecca Zung

Divorce Transformation Strategist, Attorney, Keynote Speaker, Author Rebecca Zung LLC
I love to see women inspired and empowered to achieve outcomes beyond their wildest dreams by sharing my “behind-the-curtain” knowledge, methods and strategies.

Gabriela gerhart maternity consultation 1 motherhood center houston Member Spotlight

Gabriela Gerhart

Founder Motherhood Center
I believe in work and being connected to the world we live in, so I’m very passionate about the causes I support and connecting with others.

Anita knotts Member Spotlight

Anita Knotts

Sr. Vice President, Wealth Management Calamos Wealth Management
I get to lead a diverse and passionate group of people, and they force me to up my game every day. The learning curve is never-ending, and that makes the job exciting.

Chapek tami Member Spotlight

Tami Chapek

Founder & Professional Coach WeInspireWe
I found that my own path was more difficult than it needed to be, and I am committed to changing that for the next wave of female leaders in the world around us.