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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Diana Damyanova

Growth and Performance Coach Diana D Coaching LLC

Hello Ladies! I am a former quant, turned strategy and management consultant with experience in variety of industries, most recently financial services. After 10 years in corporate, I took the leap and left that world to start my own Growth and Performance coaching practice where I help people be Satisfied Achievers!

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Anisa Mohammed

Clinical Trial Leader II Rutgers Center for Women in Business

Hi all! I'm Anisa Mohammed and i'm originally from the Boston area, currently living in the outskirts of NYC. I'm a Pakistani-Scottish-American (closely identify with all 3 ethnicities) woman who's spent the last 9 years working in the pharmaceutical industry and life sciences consulting across various therapeutic areas including oncology, neurology and rare disease. I'm currently a Clinical Trial Leader at Novartis Pharmaceuticals where I oversee the development and execution of global early phase oncology clinical trials. In addition, I'm pursuing my Executive MBA at Rutgers Business School and a member of the class leadership team, serving as Class Vice President. I have a passion for mentoring others, giving back to society, making a difference in the lives of patients and advancing women's initiatives.

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Melissa Lawrence

Certified Career & Leadership Coach Melissa M. Lawrence Coaching

My name is Melissa Lawrence, I'm a Career Coach for STEM professionals, host the Navigating Your Career podcast, and have a long history of developing and advancing others in the pharma/biotech industry. I'm passionate about advancing women in the workplace and advocacy of marginalized groups. It's what my life's work has been about. I'm also a mom, wife, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, avid kitchen dancer, and wannabe contestant on Star Search (aka American Idol of the 80s). When I'm not dreaming of badly singing and dancing, I'm coaching people 1-1 and in groups in my program: The Career Passion Project.

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Heather Cassell (She/Her)

Content Writer/Journalist/Travel Writer Self-Employed

I am a freelance journalist working on transitioning into content writing and digital marketing. As a journalist I've covered local and international news and I've been a travel writer for more than a decade. I also have experience in being a market specialist and brand ambassador for brand name appliances, most recently I represented Coravin, a wine preservation technology system, for nearly five years.

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Meeghan Salcedo

Chief People Officer IPC Systems, Inc.

I am Meeghan Salcedo; IPC's Chief People Officer. I have extensive experience creating transformational Human Resources programs that enable business growth and strategy, with a focus on every organization’s most important asset - their people. I utilize operational problem solving and strategic business analysis to drive the entire employee life cycle to set employees up for successful careers at IPC. I work with the Executive Leadership team and partner extensively with the global organization; cultivating employee support initiatives, leading the design of learning and development programs, creating a thriving organizational culture, and driving talent development programs. I have been pivotal in launching and managing the Diversity and Inclusion program at IPC in 2018, fostering a sense of belonging among employees and creating a connected workplace.

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Melanie Hicks

Founder InPursuit

Hello Lovely Ellevate Ladies! My name is Melanie Hicks, Founder of InPursuit, a coaching and consulting firm helping people link their careers with their purpose. I have nearly two decades of experience in the education, nonprofit and social enterprise space. Over the course of my career, I have worked with over 100 clients nationwide in the areas of professional growth, career change, strategic planning, employee engagement and organizational culture. Using my custom 3E Method of Change© along with my unique style of coaching or group facilitation, I create collaborative future strategies that bring actions congruent with values and purpose. I am the author of the upcoming book Incongruent; My misaligned life and the trek to becoming congruent. Writing me first book at 10 years old, she has now been published in numerous magazines and websites including, Humanity Wine Co., The District, Doctor’s Life, Journal for Research Administration and Moc Ideja, a grassroots policy manual for lawmakers in Bosnia funded by the US Department of State.

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Morgan Martin

CEO and Founder CoApt Projects

I'm a connector. My goal is to empower the people around me by supporting them with the skills and resources they need to be successful leaders in their communities. My current focus is on the Future of Work and Reinveinting Work. I believe organizations that are decentralized and self-managed are the future, and the key to equity. I've joined this global movement and co-organize the Washington DC Chapter meetups to advocate for change.

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Tonya Davis

5th Dimensional Success Founder / Owner

I am a business strategist who helps alternative medicine and holistic health professionals to build and scale 6-Figure businesses that feel authentic and in alignment with their purpose, passion, and values.

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Ivna Curi

Founder and CEO

Hello! I’m Ivna Curi and I consider myself an optimist, an independent thinker, a nature enthusiast, an advocate for diversity, inclusion, respect, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and most of all assertiveness. I am also former corporate professional who spend a decade working in analytics, planning, consulting, and supply chain management. In my corporate life I fell in love with helping people get the careers and recognition they deserve. Currently I’m focused on empowering professionals to speak up for themselves, for their dreams, and for their teams through assertive communication skills. That will allow them to boost their careers, have greater contribution, be recognized, be appreciated, be heard, be more confident at work, increase their impact, and become better leaders. My company is called Assertive Way and it provides training on how to be more assertive at work without being rude, pushy, or aggressive.

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Fiona Smith

Postgraduate Student University of QLD, AUSTRALIA

Hi Ellevate community! My name is Fiona; I’m an English Lit and Drama teacher by training, with a passion for the joy that good literature can bring! I taught in Australia and then London and finally Kent, UK; where I was head of the “pregnant at GSCE (yr 10)” program. I have always kept a space in my heart and mind for helping women of all ages etc who’ve experienced “coercive control”: psychological and mental abuse... the most destructive of all forms of abuse, the least understood, the most shameful, and I believe the hardest to overcome. After divorcing my coercive and narcissistic ex husband in 2013, leading to my eventual exit from America, I’ve focused solely on “recovering my identity” and healing. I was diagnosed in 2018 with aggressive breast cancer (now in remission!), but my goal is to help women who, in any context are proud, perfect, smart and good... end up in the bed next to me in the Oncology Ward. These abnormally beautiful, educated, well-mannered women who daren’t slurp their tea or use the wrong knife:.. somehow had all the same pattern or abusive relationships with powerful or “partners” in their life. My mission now (apart from the whole beating cancer thing) is to train to be a social worker and help change the future for victims of narcissistic abuse, coercive control, breast cancer (and other “lifestyle” diseases) and to raise awareness that abuse via manipulation or coercive control is lethal, under-diagnosed and under-recognised. It’s often put in the too hard basket, to society’s detriment. Ergo: does abuse lead to cancer in women? That’s my focus right now!

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Rodi Tountcheva

Retool Refresh Rebalance Sabbatical

Hello ladies! I am excited to have joined Ellevate. I am a passionate technical leader dedicated to transforming businesses via data and automation who is currently taking a much-needed sabbatical break. I am spending this time retooling, refreshing, and rebalancing. As a part of time break, I am very intentionally looking to join professional communities where I can give back through mentorship while also networking and growing.

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Mary Axelsen

CEO and Founder WeMaax Consulting

I started WeMaax Consulting a few months ago and focus on Coaching, DEI, and Org and Culture Change. I feel very fortunate - I quickly landed coaching and org change gigs. I am also partnering with Samantha Karlin, Empower Global, and we've designed a 10-week, virtual, experiential feminist leadership development program. By the end of the program, participants will have designed and started to implement a change initiative to advance them and other women. Super excited about it!

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