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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Chantele Pereira

Head, Conduct, Financial Crime and Compliance Assurance, Europe & Americas Standard Chartered Bank

Hi! My name is Chantele Pereira and I am on this sometimes confusing but phenomenal journey to discovering myself, defining my purpose, developing my brand and achieving my full potential. I started on this journey during the pandemic and looking back, if I did not take that leap of faith to invest in myself, I would still be stuck. I am not there yet but I embrace so many possibilities about next steps in my career and I am grateful for all the amazing people who I have met on that journey and who have supported me and continue to do so.

Member Spotlight
Tessie Tracy

CEO and Founder HAPIE Co. LLC

Hi! I'm Tessie, Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Founder of HAPIE Co. I help ambitious women who struggle with body image and emotional eating learn how to find food balance, body confidence, and motivation with healthy eating, fitness and mindset habits through my 5-step sustainable goal-setting method. I'm currently working on fully branding HAPIE Goals and creating an ecommerce site with all the goal-setting goodies!

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Kristin Burke

Goal Achievement Coach Self

As a Goal Achievement Coach, I collaborate with ambitious women to help them accelerate the growth of their client-based businesses and partner with leaders to help them grow inclusive teams. I bring over a decade of coaching and leadership experience from the financial services industry to help my clients maximize their potential and achieve their definitions of success. I serve my clients via individual coaching sessions, a small group coaching format called Achievement Group Coaching and through workshops such as the 4 Characteristics of Goal Achievers. I host the Elite Achievement podcast with the desire to demystify the goal achievement process by interviewing exceptional women and detailing success strategies. I am a personal growth and development junkie, avid reader, novice golfer, mama to a vivacious daughter and married to my high school sweetheart. When I'm not working, I'm usually practicing yoga or appreciating the Southern California beach life.

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Lisa Zhu

Founder GoodLiving with Lisa

I am a holistic well coach for single, professional women. I help them access their optimal health so they can better enjoy their career and relationships. After more than 10 years as a financier, I discovered how to break free to truly live the ideal life as a single, professional woman. Wanting to find a more fulfilling career and seeing other single professional women struggling with stress and suboptimal health, led me to become a wellness entrepreneur. I believe that a holistic, healthy lifestyle is a critical - but often - neglected element of a successful career and satisfying relationship. I enjoy home cooking, wine tasting, doing yoga, gardening, sailing and playing guitar.

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Jamie Martin

Life and Leadership Coach Jamie Martin Coaching

Hi Ladies! I'm Jamie Martin. I'm a Life and Leadership Coach, speaker and mom after years of infertility. I am hired by women who have been going and going and going so long they have lost themselves in the shuffle. They are done settling for less than they deserve and are ready to put themselves first for a change and go after their dreams.

Member Spotlight
Fana Taylor

Coach/Facilitator Taylor Media Group

Hey there! I'm Fana, a Speaking “Cheerleader” that works with professional women seeking to become more intentional and effective when using their voices. I help them speak with clarity in order to present a compelling message; one with authenticity and authority, enabling them to become more effective leaders. Through my 16 months, 6 weeks, and 1-day speaking intensives, I teach transformational speaking practices that focus on practical speaking techniques along with the energetics required when using your voice. .

Member Spotlight
Ahlia Kitwana

CEO & Founder Little Black Buddha

I am the founder of Little Black Buddha, (LBB) which offers women help in making career transitions and figuring out their next move in their lives and careers. LBB also creates the space to honestly look at the entire picture of one’s life by incorporating a life design ethos into the work and programming, advocating wholeness, wellness and a complete sense of self. I am a RYT 200 certified yoga instructor. Imagine a critical transition moment or inflection point in your own life. These periods are typically uncomfortable and challenging times. Examples of these points can be the birth of a child, the loss of a child or a loved one, serious illness, the end of a romantic relationships----- there are many circumstances that can set your life into turmoil. Now, think about all the ways your life changed because of the decisions you made during that transitional moment in your life. That is the moment we focus on at LBB, we take that moment and leverage it for opportunity, growth and impact in our client’s professional spaces. Stretching yourself and growing is not a cakewalk and it does not feel good at the time, yet once you come out on the other side you will be stronger for the challenge. Currently, we all find ourselves in a moment of a collective and involuntary transition as we face down a pandemic, economic uncertainty, calls for racial justice, social unrest and an unprecedented political environment. We are living history and feeling our way through uncharted waters. Although we are all in this together each of our experiences and how we react and respond to this moment will be different and unique. For some of us, on top of experiences this unprecedented moment in history, we may have additional challenges and battles that we are facing. Although it is difficult and unpleasant to say the least, how will you rise to this challenge, to this moment? How can you grow and use this moment to leverage growth for yourself and positive impact and change for the world and society at large?

Member Spotlight
Carol Wolniakowski

Proprietor and Sommelier Cuvée Wine & Travel, Inc.

I am a sommelier and owner of Cuvée Wine Travel where I plan custom trips and culinary cruises for people who love food and wine. I use my contacts and resources around the world to create authentic, personalized experiences for luxury travelers and small groups like wine clubs, golf clubs or groups of family or friends. There is so much more to wine than just a beverage. The people, history and traditions behind the label bring the experience to life and can transport you to a different place. Food, wine and culture are so intertwined and have the power to connect people all around the globe. In addition to planning travel, I host virtual and in-person wine and travel events to help people stay connected and engaged with clients, family and friends.

Member Spotlight
Susan Eckstein

Keynote Speaker | Facilitator | Women's Empowerment Expert | Certified Coach Susan Eckstein Coaching

Hi everyone, I’m Susan Eckstein. I’m an empowerment expert, coach and speaker. I help high-achieving women who are ready to break the chains of conformity find the courage and confidence to be true to themselves and live life unapologetically. Many of us look to society to tell us who and how we’re supposed to be. This often leaves us feeling disconnected, trapped and unfulfilled. I help my clients reconnect to their power, challenge their stories, change their beliefs and find the courage to be boldly authentic. Currently, I am focusing on building my 1:1 coaching practice and speaker platform, and am in the early stages of writing a book.

Member Spotlight
Ramona Cedeno

CEO and Founder FiBrick

My name is Ramona Cedeno. I'm a CPA, CFP, and founder of FiBrick, an accounting firm based in NYC focused on empowering business owners by bringing clarity to their business finances. I love the stories numbers tell and use it to enhance financial reporting. Oh yes, I also enjoy tax planning!

Member Spotlight
Jessa Robuck

CEO VidaLuz Development

Hello, All! My name is Jessa and I am the CEO and co-founder of VidaLuz Development, a new launch mission-based development company focused on reinventing the current consumptive development approach to elevate sustainability and conscientious building to an obtainable lifestyle within all of our communities and hospitality locations. We aim to create a ripple effect that results in real, widespread change through our systemic green approach to eco-agro microcities, holistic wellness eco-agro boutique hotels, and NetZero modular building. We believe that change is urgent, utterly vital, and we need big picture thinking and approach to insight big change.

Member Spotlight
Myra Robinson

Community Success Coordinator Ellevate Network

Hello - Myra here! I am born and raised from a small town in South Carolina and always had a passion for the arts and making connections with others. I have currently started a new position within Ellevate Network and am excited to meet new faces as I grow into my role. My ultimate goal at this point is to absorb as much as I can and take the opportunity to learn from others within the network.

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