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Nora Barry

Web Cinema and Transmedia Production Druid Media, Inc.
I'm currently focused on starting my third business (in college I started a housecleaning business; 20 years ago, I started a web content development company; a year ago I launched an on-demand com...

Luci lampe Member Spotlight

Luci Lampe

Self-Mastery Coach Sexy Life Coaching
My mission is to support moms in their personal transformation, therefore impacting their marriages, parenting, and future of generations to come.

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Cheri Derryberry

President/Owner CHMI, INC.
There are times when you have to be tough and teach people things no one has ever taken the time to teach them. They won't be happy, but in the long run, it's in their best interest.

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Nancy Halpern

Principal KNH Associates
I'm a leadership consultant who facilitates high impact off sites and coaches executives aspiring to the C Suite. But that's only after I spent 8 years running a ballet company, getting a MBA and 1...

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Laurie Wetzel

Head of Americas Solutions Consulting, Digital Marketing Adobe
Professionally, I am the Head of the Americas Digital Marketing Solutions Consulting team at Adobe Systems, Inc. Our vision is to inspire customers to create innovative experiences that deliver rea...

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Roula Clerc-Nassar

Founder & CEO Ellumine Consulting & Coaching
I now want to ensure that women are empowered to live the life of our choice, and command the consideration that is ours.

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Lori Webb

Entrepreneurial Profiles: Around the World & Down the Street (Author) Indspark!
Do you. Tap into what your unique desires and gifts are and share them. Don't aim to bring more of the same; aim to disrupt, improve and enhance.

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Mandy Ho

Passion Coach, Founder Wholehearted Expressions
My mission is to create possibilities for women to dream outside of their perceived limitations, make their passion a reality, and change the way we think and live, one life at a time.

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Maggie Germano

Founder and CEO Maggie Germano Financial Coaching LLC
I hope to create a community where women feel comfortable talking about money and supporting each other through their financial ups and downs.

Sonia15397 close up with navy outfit final Member Spotlight

Sonia Jackson Myles

CEO The Sister Accord dba The Accord Group LLC
If I can get to girls early in their lives with the message of love for self and each other, we will eradicate ‘mean girl’ behavior before they become ‘mean women.’

Head shot Member Spotlight

Mary Simmons, PHR, SHRM-CP

Director of HR Consulting; PHR Portnoy, Messinger,Pearl and Associates, Inc.
I am a Human Resources Consultant focused on elevating businesses through the engagement, retention and increased productivity of their employees. How do I do that? I partner with an organization...

Wendy perry Member Spotlight

Wendy Perry

Executive Managing Director Merck
To excel in a highly competitive and demanding environment we need to ensure that we have the best talent.