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Member Spotlights.

Get to know Ellevate members — women who are leading the charge — and learn from their stories.


Maureen Chiana

Neuroleadership & Emotional Intelligence Consultant | Facilitator | Neurocoach | CEO The Mindsight Academy

I am a Neuroleadership and Resilience consultant, award speaker and neurocoach. I leverage on brain-science insights of how the brain works and Emotional Intelligence to help executives, leaders and female leaders that are struggling to execute their vision or achieve their goals, increase performance, productivity, team engagement, confidence and self worth. I do this by helping them drive behaviour change, maximise brain power by rewiring their brain to transform how they lead, work and live.

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Natalie Levy

CRO, Investor, & Entrepreneur Various

Hi, I'm Natalie Levy. After years spent navigating male-dominated workplaces from derivatives trading to tech sales and investing, struggling to find mentorship and opportunities for advancement into leadership, I transitioned into a fractional sales executive with a startup focused around promoting gender equity in the workplace and beyond through offering mentorship & high-value skill development to support our future women and women-identified attain leadership roles.

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Sheila Murphy

CEO Focus Forward Consulting

For over 20 years, as a one-time award-winning senior legal officer for a Fortune 50 company, I successfully developed, coached, and transformed talent in corporate America and law firms. Today, as a certified coach and career and business development consultant, I partner with lawyers, leaders, and legal organizations to design careers, build skills and develop business. My passion is helping women lawyers gain greater control of their careers, compensation, and courage. I am focusing on increasing my impact to empower more women to be leaders in the legal industry.

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Christy Plunkett-Barese

Financial Representative Northwestern Mutual

I am a financial representative, relationship builder, daughter, mother and wife. I recently left nonprofit to start my own financial planning practice partnering with Northwestern Mutual specializing in women, couples, families, and established professionals. I work with people to provide comprehensive planning that covers everything except taxes. My planning philosophy is usually broken into three different areas Managing the “What Ifs…”, Debt Management and Financial Growth. I'm currently focused on growing my practice and helping women become empowered with financial knowledge and know how to make sound decisions for the future and their families futures.

Member Spotlight
Dr. Nadine Collins

CEO Nadine Collins Coaching & Consultancy

Hey everyone. Hi, I am Dr. Nadine Collins. I am an International Speaker, Women’s Leadership Expert, Spiritual Wellness Coach, Prayer Counselor and Author.  I am passionate about "purpose" and have been for most of my life. And now, I get to spend my life helping faith-based women to believe that they have a true purpose; that their purpose matters, and that they need to uncover it (that one thing that they are meant to do), so that they can experience true joy—because they are passionate about what they do and the difference that they are making in the lives of others; real fulfillment—the kind that comes with living a life that is aligned with what they are meant to do; and abiding inner peace—because they are no longer experiencing disequilibrium or imposter syndrome with the fight that comes with living one thing (even when they are successful) but knowing that you have a deep calling to do something else.

Member Spotlight
Audrey Davoodi

CEO, Mortgage Broker, Holistic Wealth Advisor Guardians, LLC, Guardians Lending, Charge Up OC

Greetings Ellevate Network of fabulous women! My name is Adrine Davoodi but my friends and family call me Audrey. I founded Guardians, LLC and its affiliate companies in 2018 after spending more than a decade working for two of the largest broker-dealers. During that time, I consulted over 10,000 financial advisors and realized that they have their hands tied behind their backs and cannot serve in the best interest of their clients. They are limited to the company's product offering and are incentivized to sell certain products over others, garnering the most profit for themselves and their firms. Guardians, LLC is a registered investment advisory (RIA) firm and can provide clients with truly unbiased asset management and financial planning services. This is because we are not a bank, broker-dealer, or insurance company that is limited to their product and services offering. We have an open system architecture and only choose the best third-party providers based on how much value and cost-savings they give to our clients, not by how much compensation we are offered. We customize a financial plan to each client's needs and can transact multiple lines of business with efficiency and effectively produce the best results for the clients of the firm. I am passionate about sharing my expertise and knowledge in investments, lending, insurance, estate, and tax planning to be a true guardian of the wealth you have worked so hard to accumulate.

Member Spotlight
Lindsay Yaw Rogers

Master Storyteller Raw Strategy

I'm a storyteller at heart. I started Raw Strategy to bring fidelity to other people's stories for high-impact marketing. In that, I help entrepreneurs, companies, and brands discover, unpack, and reveal the power behind their brand story—then map it to revenue drivers for connection and impact. I help you find confidence and clarity in your story so you can stand out, inspire and motivate people to act, build a premium brand, and become the master narrator of your life. You know you’re a pioneer—let’s make sure everyone else does too. ps. I’m also: a mom of 2, obsessed with winter (could live in an igloo), constantly looking for excuses to wear slippers, and known to use 2 tea bags instead of one.

Member Spotlight
Dawn Parks

CEO SheMoolah

I am the CEO of SheMoolah and am focused on 3 areas. (1) Building an e-learning program for women about their relationship to money, (2) Building an entrepreneurship program for women looking at changing careers and are not sure where to start, and (3) imagining what it takes to be part of Tony Robbins leadership network. I always had plenty of money, made good money, and built really BIG international and national projects. Then one day, poof, it was all over. 2008 , the market crashed, the consulting firm I worked for "let go" our division, and within 24 months I was filing for bankruptcy with a sick daughter and a messy divorce. I had never been trained on money--it just always materialized around me. This was unchartered territory. So I got to work understanding money and found out that no one wants to talk to you if you have no money and there are lots of women in the 50-65 year old bracket that were in a similar position. And SheMoolah was born!

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Jeanay Butler

Digital Communications Specialist Department of Education

My name is Jeanay Butler and I'm a highly skilled web and communications strategist who combines knowledge of digital media outreach with experience in issue-based advocacy. Proven talent in project management, issue-based digital interactive products, and managing junior employees. Highly organized, self-starter, passionate about digital communications and public health issues. Although my background is health based, that doesn't stop me from being multi-faceted. I've created web portals to enable efficiency and developed social media and web campaigns from start to finish. I've also had the opportunity to lead a team taking on two gulf coast conference championships under my athletic belt as well as lead a high school volleyball team to a state championship as an assistant coach. In my spare time I enjoy working out, volleyball leagues and cooking homestyle New Orleans based dishes.

Member Spotlight
Sue Yasav

CEO / Founder Marquette Marketing

For the majority of my career, I worked at some of the largest companies in the world - IBM, Citibank and GE Capital. When my job was eliminated in December due to the pandemic, I decided to start down a different path. I launched my own company, Marquette Marketing, and am trying to make a go of it as a solo-preneur. It's been scary, stressful and exhilarating, all at the same time! I'm working harder than ever, learning new skills and meeting some terrific people. I'm thrilled to be part of the Ellevate network of fabulous women, who are traveling down a similar path.

Member Spotlight
Alessandra Leggio-DiMatteo

CPA, CFE, and Owner Leggio Di Matteo CPA Professional Corporation

My name is Alessandra Leggio and I am originally from Venezuela, and I have been in the forensic accounting field for over 8 years. I was working for EY for 7 years and started my own Forensic Accounting/Internal Audit Company, Leggio Di Matteo CPA Professional Corporation, just over 1 year ago. I help companies review their risks and controls and work with them to improve their processes to address any gaps. I have led several investigations throughout multiple industries, including mining, retail, entertainment and travel, banking, amongst others.

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Chantele Pereira

Head, Europe & Americas Regional Risk Manager, Financial Crime Surveillance Operations (FCSO) Standard Chartered Bank

Hi! My name is Chantele Pereira and I am on this sometimes confusing but phenomenal journey to discovering myself, defining my purpose, developing my brand and achieving my full potential. I started on this journey during the pandemic and looking back, if I did not take that leap of faith to invest in myself, I would still be stuck. I am not there yet but I embrace so many possibilities about next steps in my career and I am grateful for all the amazing people who I have met on that journey and who have supported me and continue to do so.

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