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Lizabeth Czepiel

Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant Lizabeth Czepiel, LLC
No path is safe and safe does not equal success. Always follow your passion.

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Sharon M. Davison

Owner Law Office of Sharon M. Davison
I am confident and humble. I am confident that I know what I am doing and that I do it well. But I will not throw it in your face.

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Susan MacDonald

Licensed Sales Agent Daniel Gale Sotheby Real Estate
My professional mission is to help families and individuals move to the next step in their life path where real estate is concerned.

Ariel hyatt Member Spotlight

Ariel Hyatt

Founder Cyber PR & Cyber PR Music
I have realized that every few years your purpose shifts. The secret to success is realigning with your purpose every so often so that you can carry on with the same level of enthusiasm.

166a768 Member Spotlight

Pamela Gupta

Founder, Board Member OutSecure Inc
My mission is to assist companies to be sustainable and profitable in spite of the current and looming cybersecurity threat landscape.

Lynned Member Spotlight

Lynne Dominick

Founder, CEO Kismet Alchemy
My job is to help women uncover their purpose. I want them to find that special something that keeps the passion ignited and the energy flowing in all aspects of their lives.

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Deborah Meyer, CPA, CFP(R)

CEO WorthyNest
Most of my career was spent in public accounting and wealth management, serving families of very significant wealth. However, I do not think a person's worth can be measured by the number on her or hi

Toniya singh Member Spotlight

Toniya Singh

MD St. Louis Heart and Vascular
I hope we are able to form a network where women physicians are able to reach out to one another easily... Ultimately, I hope that I encourage all women to work together and learn from each other.

Susan michel Member Spotlight

Susan Michel

CEO Glen Eagle Advisors, LLC
The most rewarding part of my job is empowering women of all ages to get over any barriers they feel exist in managing their finances, or fears they have about achieving long-term financial security.

Katherine krantz Member Spotlight

Katherine Krantz

Founder Zenith Partners
We already earn about 77 cents on the dollar from men, so we need to be even more diligent with our saving and investing.

Ranjana narawane Member Spotlight

Ranjana Narawane

Managing Director, Technology Accenture
Seek to work for an organization which believes in meritocracy and which can provide you the latitude to take on different roles at different times in your professional journey.

Liz palmer Member Spotlight

Liz Palmer

Author The Ultimate Guide To Champagne
It's interesting how women navigate a work-life balance. It's quite challenging for most and some have come up with creative ways of handling it.