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Neeta bhushan christinechangphoto 08 2 Member Spotlight

Neeta Bhushan

Founder Global GRIT Institute
My professional mission is to build a more heart-centered society, grounded in emotional health + emotional intelligence using empathy-based solutions as the foundation.

Rana nawas Member Spotlight

Rana Nawas

Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing GE Capital Aviation Services
I'm an engineer by training and a problem-solver by nature. I love interacting with people and I seek every opportunity to do so, professionally and personally!

Katherine ryder Member Spotlight

Katherine Ryder

Founder and CEO Maven Clinic
Working across different industries has definitely helped me learn how to operate in unstructured environments and inspire others to get excited about bigger ideas.

Alexis headshot 2 Member Spotlight

Alexis Fedor

Business Development And Strategy Trusted Social Media
I hope to help create a new era of female artists who are financially savvy, informed & capable of navigating the financial climate of today to create outstanding, thriving businesses with their art.

Clare bresnahan Member Spotlight

Clare Bresnahan

Executive Director She Should Run
Take that first step to show up, ask questions, and see how the path starts to unfold as you walk it.

Donna needs Member Spotlight

Donna Needs

Co-Founder, Coach, Trainer, Consultant WLP Success
The most rewarding part of your job is witnessing people making life-changing decisions and follow them through to build lives of success and fulfilment.

Sophie bujold Member Spotlight

Sophie Bujold

Founder + Chief Strategist Cliqueworthy
Trust your gut. Learn to listen to that inner voice, it knows you better than anyone else and will lead you towards what's right for you.

Alex moroch 2 Member Spotlight

Alex Moroch

Founder and CEO FEM Marketing
What led me to where I am today is the desire to make a difference in what I do - quality work over quantity of work.

Picture1 Member Spotlight

Mary Rosenbaum

Personal Branding Strategist, Career Management Coach Your Career by Design
Connecting with people at work on all levels - personal and professional - is the basis for building strong relationships. You can connect on many more issues if all of you is visible to everyone.

Nandini nayak Member Spotlight

Nandini Nayak

Managing Director, Design Strategy and Innovation Fjord
"Build a clear expertise and never stop learning."

Sophie bartsich Member Spotlight

Sophie Bartsich

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Plastic Surgery of New York
"Success is the ultimate balance between professional achievement, personal self-realization, & being in the right company. You must have love, purpose, & identity in order to feel true happiness."

Christine chao Member Spotlight

Christine Chao

General Counsel Foremost Group
"You can work hard and not be successful; there are no guarantees. But you absolutely cannot be successful without working hard."