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International Women Empowerment Events (IWEE) Announces Launching Conference At Kurumba, Maldives

International Women Empowerment Events (IWEE) Announces Launching Conference At Kurumba, Maldives

London, July 11th, 2019Hira Ali, award winning international leadership trainer and career coach, as well as author of highly acclaimed bookHer Way to the Top has announced the launch of International Women Empowerment Events (IWEE) along with team including Director & co-founder Gull Khan-barrister and money mind-set expert and advisory team members Mariya Ali- child rights activist and former Gender Minister Maldives and Maheen Noor Soomro-HR Consultant and Career Specialist. The launching conference is set to take place at the luxury resort Kurumba, Maldives on the 22nd-23rd July, 2019.

Other speakers include special guest Dr. Yvonne Thompson CBE-renowned entrepreneur and Britain's first black self-made woman millionaire, Madeleine Black-best-selling author and speaker and Peter Parker- Ki Gong Master.

IWEE’s is committed to supporting economic, social and political empowerment for Asian women through fast tracking their personal and educational empowerment.  It aims to achieve this through turn-key conferences with rigorous follow-up programs, high quality training, coaching and mentoring (online and offline) and an international network of dynamic women and renowned experts . IWEE’s team strongly believes that on the road to empowerment and equality, women must join hands across borders as they are #InThisTogether and therefore it is important for IWEE to globally. connect Asian women.

‘We want to link the eastern women with the western women and bring awareness to challenges faced by women globally as identified by research and surveys. Moving forward, we want to link women across borders and work collectively to address the internal and external challenges holding women back and we aim to do that by focusing on personal/psychological and educational empowerment of these women which will in turn lead to economic, social and political empowerment.
Hira Ali, Founding Director of IWEE.

The team hopes to ignite empowerment in Asian women by providing guidance and support at both local and global level through training and coaching in areas of leadership, financial mind-set, attachment theory, sexual harassment & domestic abuse, social media awareness and other gender focused topics, with actionable outcomes and localized training interventions. IWEE also hopes to encourage both the public and private sectors to help support and empower women while accelerating growth for their own workforce and businesses.

The World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends for Women 2017, shows East and South Asia as the only two regions in the world seeing a reduction in the percentage of working women over the past decade. The situation is particularly apparent in South Asia, where less than 1/3 of the female population are active in the labor market, 51% less than the rate for males. The Asian region loses an estimated US$ 40 billion each year as a result of gender gaps in employment and education.

IWEE’s strategy is in the first instance is a 2-day conference in each country followed by a country specific follow up intervention to accelerate skills development among the budding entrepreneurs and working women. Each conference will be facilitated by international speakers and experts covering various topics. IWEE has a unique approach-after each conference, there will be a rigorous follow-up program. All participants will be provided with a link to access this program which will include live quarterly coaching calls and webinars to ensure that participants connect and apply what they learned in the conference to real life business and work challenges.

For it's conference in Maldives, IWEE has partnered with Butterfly Effects, Hope for Women (HFW) and Women on Boards (WOB) Maldives to organize this conference. HFW was founded in 2010 with the prime objective of ending violence against women and girls while also focusing on eliminating discrimination against women, promoting gender equality and political empowerment of women in the Maldives. The WOB serves as a leading centre for women development and empowerment in the Maldives and aims to become a leading voice in Asia for economic empowerment. Kurumba is the key event partner and Raajje TV is the key media partner for this conference. Other contributing sponsors and partners UNICEF Maldives, State Trading Organisation plc (STO), Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), Bank of Maldives, Hummingbird and Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) Other international media partners include Digital Business Women UK, Welum Denmark, Daughters of Change US, Ananke Middle East.

Recipient of the International Women of Courage Award, co-founder of HFW Ms Aneesa Ahmed shares, “Encouraging and facilitating women to break the ceiling through capacity building and promoting visibility is a dire need to empower women to live a life of dignity free from abuse and poverty.”

“The strategic partnership with IWEE is consistent with our mission to support women across the country, and to continuously deliver better services to help support and improve women empowerment in Maldives’’, says President of WOB, Ms. Fathimath Shafeega The WOB annual awards will also be held in collaboration with this event.

State Trading Organisation (STO) another key sponsor at the conference states that: “In STO, we believe in women taking on key leadership roles and the advancement of women by having female representations on our board, top, and middle management. We will continue to empower women in the society and work for a gender-balanced workforce within our company.”

All our partners are highly esteemed organisations that have shown support for IWEE’s objectives and are keen to embrace diversity. We are thankful for their support and the important role they are playing in economically empowering women both locally and internationally.

The Maldives is an exciting country to hold an IWEE event in because of the enormous amount of underutilized female talent with considerable untapped potential. Additionally, this is an auspicious time in the Maldives, with the new government appointing 6 women to cabinet positions which clearly evidences the government's strong inclination towards gender balance.

Awaken The Potential Within aims to connect women from the Maldives to international mentors and women empowerment networks to bring awareness to subjects which are currently being ignored or marginalized in their country, by showcasing both international talent to Maldivian women and Maldivian talent on an international platform via:

  • keynote speakers
  • a panel of leading Maldivian women sharing their knowledge and expertise with the audience
  • international media

We at IWEE acknowledge that in order to progress, we need male allies and hence IWEE in collaboration with it's partners have identified male ambassadors who will advocate and champion women empowerment and equality at all levels.

Tickets are selling out fast. IWEE has some fantastic offers in place for people attending the conference. Here is where you can buy the tickets:

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