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Marjorie Solomon Was the Keynote Speaker for the Cincinnati Chapter's 10th Anniversary Celebration

Marjorie Solomon Was the Keynote Speaker for the Cincinnati Chapter's 10th Anniversary Celebration

Marjorie Solomon was the Keynote Speaker for the Cincinnati Chapter's 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Excerpt from 10th Anniversary Keynote address:

Peter Block (one of my favorites) in his book, The Structure of Belonging, writes “The sharing of gifts strengthens the community as a whole and lays a foundation for the future successes in the community’s endeavors due to the overall well-being and unity produced.”

It worked. Here you are 10 years later as strong as ever as Ellevate Network. Yes, the ‘forms and systems’ have changed. Janet Hansen sold her beloved 85 Broads to Sallie Krawcheck in 2014 and Sallie re-branded the organization as Ellevate Network. Our values haven’t changed all that much. Today our community’s values are:

There is power in diversity — we value different perspectives and recognize that they help us grow. We challenge the norm to make diversity a reality.

Community lifts us up — we use the power of teamwork to solve problems. We communicate openly and work together to elevate each individual.

We practice gratitude — we’re passionate about the work we’re doing and recognize that we’re privileged to be doing it.

Honesty, integrity & respect, always — when in question, we always default to the “most respectful interpretation” of a situation.

Be authentic — we believe in the power of being accountable to our work as well as our personal lives. We work to make everyone comfortable presenting their genuine selves inside and outside of the workplace.

Action is important — we get stuff done — without freaking out.

We continue to share our gifts with other women. We do for others as Debba Haupert did for me 10 years ago – we invite them to share and join our community. We create relationships. Why? Because retention requires relationship.

This is not a “networking” group. This is a community. I used to call us the society of the traveling YaYa sorority of the pants sisterhood. If you don’t recognize the movie references in that title, see me afterward and I’ll give you the full names of those movies. If you haven’t seen them, take a few hours and binge on them. I can’t believe I’m saying this but they are old from 2002 and 2005. I digress.

Whether you are a past, current or future member of this community isn’t relevant tonight. You are here within the container of the community doing something together. This may or may not be a pivotal moment for you like it was for me.

I’ve remained a leader in 85 Broads / Ellevate Network for a reason – to give back. To help other women find what they want or need through our community. To embrace and lift up other women through the arms of our community.

We provide strength in our diversity. We provide strength in our support and advocacy. We provide strength in our authenticity.

I’m not sure I’ll ever repay the gift of community 85 Broads Cincinnati gave me. It gave me a home in Cincinnati. It gave me long-lasting friendships. It gave me community when I needed it most. Years after I moved away, it gave me my sister-cousin Cheryl Borland.

This is my final year in an active leadership role. I’m a member for life and will continue to serve in an advisory capacity to my ‘new’ home Chapter in Philadelphia, to Ellevate headquarters and to this, the Chapter closest to my heart.

The future of women can be bright but only if we continue to offer a haven of warmth, support and authenticity to our sisters. This community of women must continue to serve as a beacon and example of for others. I urge you to continue the work and to get stuff done! 

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