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Ericka Spradley Speaks Career Strategy With Radio One

Ericka Spradley Speaks Career Strategy With Radio One

Ericka Spradley, Chief PowHer Officer/Founder of Confident Career Woman has interviewed successfully as a candidate and has successfully interviewed candidates in her prior life as a Hiring Manager. Therefore, she fully understands what it takes to get hired as well as what causes individuals to NOT get hired.

In speaking with Radio One's Community Affairs Director Ron Holland, Ericka enthusiastically discusses what transpires during an interview that stops candidates from receiving the offer. Research states 23% of women indicate interviewing is one of the professional development skills needed to move them into leadership yet so many women struggle in this space.

According to Ericka, "Candidates don't realize there is a formula for answering questions when they navigate the interview." After telling Ron about her non-traditional career path, how she spent 22 years obtaining her Bachelor's degree and that she landed a role as an Adjunct Professor although her degree isn't in Education, she offered perspective regarding why people are oblivious to their skillset. Ericka's advice is simple: "You don't have to be perfect to achieve success but you will need the clarity to define what success actually means to you."

In addition, she authentically shares the benefits of informational interviews, leveraging LinkedIn and how NOT having a career strategy for most of her career negatively impacted her progress during her first interview With Radio One.

As Ericka continues her work to help women around the globe advance their career, she believes her conversation with Radio One will be the first of many that equips women along their journey to professional success.

To learn more about Ericka, visit her online course platform: or her website:

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