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Acheloa Wellness Releases Important Whitepaper on the Impact of Stress in Corporate

Acheloa Wellness Releases Important Whitepaper on the Impact of Stress in Corporate

Acheloa Wellness, Wellness Coaching business driven to reduce the impacts of burnout, releases its first white paper: "Why Investing in the Female Workforce Now is Crucial for Organizations".

Authors Lauren Baptiste, Meghan Gill and Candace Madden carefully curated this paper based on hundreds of interviews with women and men, leaders and staff, organization heads, thought leaders and beyond. Our research and findings include the importance of investing in women employees and why it is a competitive advantage for an organization to act now.

This white paper also highlights the importance of Acheloa Wellness's influence in the industry to empower individuals, employees and employers with the tools and techniques to break through the effects of workplace stress and burnout.

The report is available for download here.

“Part of our mission at Acheloa Wellness is to create a culture of wellness where women can thrive. We accomplish this by partnering with incredible organizations who are passionate about doing well and doing good for the future of work.” said Lauren Baptiste, Acheloa Wellness CEO and Founder. “Today marks a small step on the journey to workplace wellness. There is still a lot to be done to reverse the effects of workplace burnout, but every step forward counts.”

In taking a stand for workplace transformation, Acheloa Wellness is offering organizations an incredible opportunity to immediately engage employees and breakthrough stress in a meaningful way. To learn how you can bring meaningful impact to your organization, email our team at to schedule a capabilities briefing and industry insights session.

To learn more about how Acheloa Wellness works with companies click here. To subscribe to the Acheloa Wellness newsletter and be notified of local events and online programming, sign up here


Acheloa Wellness is an Executive Wellness Coaching practice committed to reducing stress and burnout for hardworking professionals. It is our mission to transform the corporate landscape by empowering ambitious, committed and soulful women with tools, techniques and healthy mindset so that each of us can find success in today’s non-stop environment. We teach women how to live in harmony amongst the chaos. We share practical techniques to reduce your stress response to ever-challenging situations. We empower women leaders to live balanced – allowing for greater connection and soul-alignment in each area of her incredible life.

Our corporate offerings coordinate and co-collaborate with organizations to transform cultures of burnout. Our solutions are uniquely customized and in progress toward a company's unique KPIs, all while reducing turnover of middle-to-upper management women leaders.

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