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Next Charlotte Invites Sonya Smith-Valentine as Financial Trainer

Next Charlotte Invites Sonya Smith-Valentine as Financial Trainer

Sonya Smith-Valentine, CEO of Financially Fierce, has been invited to provide financial training to the current cohort of Next Charlotte. The program is creating the next wave of Charlotte's most successful businesses owned by people of color.

This program does a deep dive into the areas that business owners need the most help with: management education, market development and access to capital. At the heart of the initiative is a cohort with emerging companies and their leaders that receive mentoring, resources, and grants to help them move toward success. 

"When I started my business, I mostly had to go it alone. Except for a mentor or two, I had to figure out how to run the business, how to acquire a slice of the market, and how to grow. Trial by fire is probably the best way to describe it. So I'm happy to see today's emerging business leaders get the knowledge and support they need to succeed in today's competitive market." said Sonya.

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