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Chinwe Esimai Launches Brilliance Beyond Borders Book

Chinwe Esimai Launches Brilliance Beyond Borders Book

Of the 69 million women in the US workforce as of 2020, 10.4 million are foreign born. The truth is, even in the midst of headlines and political debates about immigration reform and since the rise of the MeToo movement, millions of immigrants, especially women, are not living up to their potential. 

Brilliance Beyond Borders profiles 17 trailblazing immigrant women leaders and delivers a blueprint for women to build incredible, world-changing legacies. 

Based on her personal experience and the stories of trailblazing women from around the world and in diverse industries, author Chinwe Esimai shares five indispensable traits that make an ocean of difference between immigrants who live as mere shadows of their truest potential and those who find purpose, fulfillment, and what Chinwe refers to as their immigrace (immigrant's genius, and an immigrant woman’s expression of her highest purpose and potential). 

The five traits are the foundation of the Brilliance Blueprint, a step-by-step guide to help readers achieve to their own extraordinary results.

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