Lisa Goldman Forgang Launches Startup, Bipartisan Solution Website TheChisel

Lisa is Chief Policy Officer of civic tech startup, TheChisel,, which recently launched. TheChisel’s goal is to change the political discourse in the U.S. by working with experts on both sides of the aisle to develop joint, bipartisan public policy proposals that address important issues facing our country — including tax reform, employment, campaign finance reform, family leave, student debt, climate change, and foreign policy. TheChisel team then enhances the experts' proposals by making them more accessible to a broad audience and adding engaging content and graphics. People can go to to learn about the issues and potential bipartisan solutions; engage with the experts and other citizens on the issues; ask questions and give feedback to the proposal authors, who then iteratively refine their proposals; and then vote on the proposals. Once a critical mass has voted yes on a proposal, TheChisel team — in partnership with the proposal sponsors' organizations — will present the proposal to Congress. TheChisel also just launched a Kickstarter campaign.

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