Julia Landauer Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek

Race car driver and STEM advocate Julia Landauer is featured in an article on Bloomberg Businessweek, where she talks about the difficulty in trying to catch up to the big leagues and looking for sponsors in a very expensive sport.

Last year, Landauer had the partial backing of a team with Toyota and National Automotive Parts Association sponsorship; this year she’s racing for a Ford team, and the team owner, who has a dealership in California, is partially subsidizing the costs. But there’s still plenty to make up with small sponsorships and “personal funding” from her parents. She also has learned to be creative. During her four years at Stanford, she had little time for racing, but that didn’t stop her from promoting the image. In 2012, as a sophomore, she shot a very earnest promotional video on campus and posted it to YouTube and her new website. “I have to work every day to develop my brand,” she says to the camera in her video, “but I also have to go to class.”
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