Candice Hunter Corby Addresses Female Global Leaders in Chennai, India, at FICCI FLO Luncheon

Candice Corby, invited by Meena Mohan, Chairperson of FICCI FLO Chennai chapter, presented a riveting address to the FICCI FLO board and women entrepreneurs on Women in Leadership at a luncheon held Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at the GRT Convention Center in Chennai, India. 

Her speech focused on key success factors: PRAY - People, Resilience, Authenticity and Yearning. Candice told the group to take care of their people, and they will take care of your clients and them, be resilient and overcome obstacles and failures, be authentic and let others know you and to yearn to make someone, something or the world a better place. These are her keys to success.

The event was sponsored by Radiant Group Companies.  FICCI FLO is committed to women's empowerment and increasing woman on boards of directors in India.

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