Anne Bahr Thompson's New Book DO GOOD: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel both Purpose and Profit, Available for Pre-Order

After a four-year journey, Anne Bahr Thompson has completed her book on her proprietary model of Brand Citizenship. Do Good, which is available for pre-order, features Ellevate as a case study in Chapter 7: Community, highlighting how our network evolved from an informal gathering of women to a global community advocating for equity in the workplace.

In a hyper-competitive, always-on world, staying relevant is tough for brands. Will customers and employees stick around if the economy slows or a mishap goes viral? What happens when competing products and services flood the market? How can a brand invest in areas that might not show immediate payoff? Based on 4 years of interviews with more than 6000 consumers, Do Good offers a refreshing answer: people are drawn to companies with a higher purpose—and reward them with their loyalty. In every region, age group, and socioeconomic level, customers connect with brands that care about them, their values, and the world at large. 

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