RM Harrison Releases New Book: The Pivot Map — Uncovering Your Path to Sustainable Success as a Service-Based Entrepreneur

Business alignment strategist RM Harrison presents the business owner’s guide to navigating the essential shifts needed to achieve success that matters and lasts.

In The Pivot Map: Uncovering your path to sustainable success as a service-based entrepreneur, RM Harrison gets to the heart of why so many service-based entrepreneurs find themselves in this situation—feeling uncertain, discontented, and frustrated, even when they’re earning “good” money. More importantly, she teaches a framework for building sustainable success beyond just the numbers.

RM HARRISON is a business alignment strategist, who helps service-based entrepreneurs leverage their genius to build a path to success that matters and lasts. Through her personal experience with burnout, RM discovered principles for having a service-based business that thrives on your terms. Now she’s using those principles to help others develop and implement strategies to achieve the sustainable success they crave. When she isn’t glued to her laptop, designing better business models for her clients, you can find RM coffee shop-hopping or craft beer-tasting around Washington, DC. Learn more about RM’s work at rm-harrison.com and connect with her on Instagram.

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