Alison Levine, Executive Producer of The Glass Ceiling, Starts Crowdfunding Campaign for Documentary

Alison Levine, mountain climber, motivational speaker, and leadership consultant, is the executive producer for the documentary film The Glass Ceiling. The filmmakers have started a crowdfunding campaign to complete and release the movie.

The Glass Ceiling is a true story of adventure, romance, politics, courage and a woman who sacrificed everything to pursue her dream. Pasang’s fight for gender and racial equality turned "impossible into possible" for millions of Nepali women, and her story is one of universal appeal that will resonate with people of all ages and all demographic backgrounds.
When Nancy Svendsen (the film's director) approached me about making this documentary, I couldn't say no, because the world needs to know about this incredible architect of change who inspired an entire country. Our dream is to produce an emotionally compelling, visually spectacular film that is worthy of a theatrical release.
—Alison Levine

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