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Katherine Ryder's Maven is Backed by Sequoia Capital

Katherine Ryder's Maven is Backed by Sequoia Capital

Despite the increase in women in the U.S. workforce and public pledges from high-profile CEOs to close the gender pay gap, women - especially working mothers - often find themselves without the resources necessary to succeed at work.

Maven, a digital health startup and benefits platform focused on improving access to healthcare for women, has emerged specifically to help businesses help their female employees. It has garnered the support of Sequoia Capital, a household name in Silicon Valley and a venture capital firm that has seldom backed female-focused businesses. Today, the company is announcing a $27 million Series B co-led by Sequoia and Oak HC/FT.

The company was founded by Ellevate member Katherine Ryder. About the endeavor, she said:

A lot of my friends started having kids while I was working in venture capital, so I started hearing about the difficulties of having kids or postpartum depression. It’s not like you as a woman get educated on what all this is while you’re in school.
You go through this enormous life experience; it’s hugely transformative to have a child. You do it when your careers is moving up — they call it the rush hour of life — and with no one supporting you on the other end, it’s easy to say, ‘Screw it, I’m going home to my family’ … If someone leaves the workforce, that’s fine, it’s their choice, but they shouldn’t feel forced to because they don’t have support.

Click the link below to read the full announcement.

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