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Our members' successes are a source of inspiration to everyone in the Ellevate community.

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Kathleen Burns Kingsbury's Latest Book, "Breaking Money Silence: How to Shatter Money Taboos, Talk More Openly About Finances, and Live a Richer Life" Released in September

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury's new book, "Breaking Money Silence: How to Shatter Money Taboos, Talk More Openly About Finances, and Live a Richer Life" will be published on September 30, 2017.

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Ellevate San Diego Chapter Wins Hera Heroine Award

Ellevate's San Diego Chapter has won a Hera Heroine award for Top Professional Women's Organization by Hera Hub.

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Susanne Cappendijk's EDSnaps Runs Successful 3-week Pilot STEM Summer Program

Susanne Cappendijk's EDSnaps ran a free 3-week Pilot STEM Summer Program this past July, with field trips, hands-on workshops, and tools and opportunities to strengthen soft and hard skills.

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Amanda Bunting Comen Joins Fisher Creative

Fisher Creative LLC, a marketing communications firm, is growing to better provide new and existing clients with public relations and social media marketing.

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Candice Hunter Corby Recognized as One of Austin's Best CEOs of 2017

One of only 11 female CEOs nominated, Candice Hunter Corby has been recognized as one of Austin's Best CEOs of 2017 by the Austin Business Journal.

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Luci Lampe Featured on San Diego News 8 for Sexy Mama Movement

Luci Lampe, Founder of the Sexy Mama Movement and author of Achieving Sexy: Redefining Your Momlife & Mombod, was a guesst on San Diego's News 8 to talk about her Sexy Mama's Day Out Party

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Jennifer Openshaw Announces Girls with Impact's First Girls Entrepreneurship Summit

Jennifer Openshaw, CEO of Girls with Impact, will speak at the organization's first Girls Entrepreneurship Summit in September.

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Julia Landauer Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek

Race car driver and STEM advocate Julia Landauer is featured in an article on Bloomberg Businessweek.

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Katica Roy's Pipeline Launches #FixTheLeakyPipeline

Pipeline garners 1.5M impressions in their inaugural consumer listening campaign, #FixTheLeakyPipeline.

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Jennifer Wappaus Named One of Forbes Top Next Generation Wealth Advisors

Jennifer Wappaus has been named one of the Forbes Top Next Generation Wealth Advisors on

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Crystal Skye and CEO & President Edie Rodriguez Featured in Article on Travel Weekly

An article on features Edie Rodrigues, CEO and President of luxury charter plane Crystal Skye.

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Kristen Fanarakis's Clothing Company Senza Tempo Featured in Bloomberg's List of Workwear Brands

"Senza Tempo caters to the urban executive, selling high-quality “workhorse” pieces that come in classic, office-appropriate silhouettes."