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Member Successes

Our members' successes are a source of inspiration to everyone in the Ellevate community.

Perri peltz tory burch hbo launch cynthia dfrngg7u2mjl Member Success

Perri Peltz, Documentary Filmmaker and Public Health Advocate

Perri Peltz, a documentary filmmaker and public health advocate, recently directed the film Remembering the Artist Robert DeNiro, Sr. which will air on HBO this June and premiered in January at the...

Nancy.jpg Member Success

Nancy Snyderman, Physician and Broadcast Journalist

Nancy Snyderman, an American physician and broadcast journalist, recently starred in a special NBC series called, “Forgotten? Syria’s Children of War.” The live documentary premiered on May 12 and ...

Pamela ryckman Member Success

Pamela Ryckman, Author of “Stiletto Network"

The subject of Pamela Ryckman’s book, stiletto networks, are the main focus of the Entrepreneur’s article. Ryckman gives a background of these networks and names the top 5 women’s stiletto networks.

Mul05om9frh2ncw3 783 Member Success

Deanna Mulligan, President and CEO of Guardian Life Insurance Company

Deanna Mulligan will speak at the 2014 LIMRA Annual Conference, a conference that provides strategies and insights from major industry executives to help others face leadership challenges.

Ann charles Member Success

Ann Charles, Founder and CEO of BRANDfog

Ann Charles, BRANDfog Founder & CEO, released her company’s 2014 Global/Social CEO Survey, which emphasized the need for CEOs to use social media engagement for brand trust and better leadership.

Carrie kerpen likeablemedia Member Success

Carrie Kerpen, Founder and CEO of Likeable Media

As the co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media, a global social media and word-of-mouth marketing agency, Carrie Kerpen frequently contributes to Inc. magazine on a variety of topics.

Mary kopczynski Member Success

Mary Kopczynski, CEO and Founder of 8of9 Consulting

Mary Kopczynski, CEO and Founder of 8of9 Consulting, is celebrating the fifth anniversary of her company.

Natalia oberti noguera Member Success

Natalia Oberti Noguera, Founder of the Pipeline Fellowship

The Pipeline Fellowship, founded by Natalia Oberti Noguera, is featured in this Newsweek article about female entrepreneurs and what is unique about pitching and funding for them.

Allison o'kelly Member Success

Allison O’Kelly, Founder and CEO of Mom Corps

Allison O’Kelly and her company Mom Corps have launched the Military Spouse Scholarship Program. The company is also bringing awareness and solutions to the issues military spouses face when trying...

Jennifer gilbert Member Success

Jennifer Gilbert, Founder of Save the Date

Jennifer Gilbert, Founder of Save the Date, has been named as the national spokesperson of CertainSafe, a cyber security company.

Liz o'donnell Member Success

Liz O'Donnell, Author of "Mogul, Mom & Maid"

Liz O'Donnell appeared in a Guardian article which discussed findings from O'Donnell's book and other sources that emphasize the stress involved in balancing one's career and family.

Launch 28 gina bianchini pop 12015 Member Success

Gina Bianchini, CEO of Mightybell

Gina Bianchini appears on Business Insider to discuss her company Mightybell's place in the social media market.

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