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Member Successes.

Our members' successes are a source of inspiration to everyone in the Ellevate community.


Sylvia Ann Hewlett, President of the Center for Talent Innovation

​Sylvia Ann Hewlett's article in the Entrepreneur discusses the perception and traits of women in leadership positions, as well as the tradeoffs between likability and effectiveness that they face.

Tricia Reynolds, CEO, Ducks In A Row, Inc.

Tricia Reynolds's company, Ducks In A Row, Inc. was recognized as 1 of 10 businesses on the rise in 2014 by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

Allison O'Kelly, Founder and CEO of Mom Corps

Mom Corps business owner and entrepreneur Allison O'Kelly contributes to the HuffPost blog in May for National Military Appreciation Month.

Jennefer Witter, Founder & CEO of The Boreland Group, Inc.

Jennefer Witter, The Boreland Group's CEO, is named one of the country's top ten black entrepreneurs and CEOs.