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The beauty of what we do at Ellevate lies in our ability to connect professional women to each other, and provide them with the resources they need to be successful — in work and in life.

Tina Pettigrew
Director of Communications, Ellevate Network

Our Network of Changemakers

At Ellevate, we’re proud to work alongside other organizations committed to closing the many gender gaps that exist today. As a networking organization, we know that we make more progress when we work together, collaborate, and share ideas; the power of shared resources, knowledge, and passion is critical.

Our extended network of partners is diverse, including media outlets, nonprofits, research organizations, and national conferences, all sharing the belief that gender equality is essential to moving our world forward. Ellevate stands at the center of this network, bringing together a community that supports each other in the fight for equality.

Organizational Partners

Media Partners & Bloggers