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Ellevate Network Releases 2017 Impact Report With Insights on Women in the Workplace

Ellevate Network, the leading network for professional women, has released their annual Impact Report, highlighting information on leadership, retention, women business owners, salaries, workplace culture, and more, from professional women in diverse industries and around the world. The report can be downloaded here.

As a company committed to providing actionable solutions for closing the gender gap in business, Ellevate Network surveyed their community of thousands of professional women to learn more about how they view their companies and their careers.

This year’s report includes key insights into the current state of gender equality in the workplace, including:

  • The main reason behind companies’ inability to retain women in their ranks: women seek to leave their job for better opportunities, not to start a family or have better work/life balance.
  • The research also uncovered company culture as the main reason why women are unhappy at their companies, and the more mature a professional woman gets, the more likely she is to leave her employer if the internal culture is not a good fit.
  • Only 39% of women are asking for raises, but 78% of those who ask receive one.
  • 68% of women are interested in getting on a corporate board of directors, but only 14.5% of board seats are occupied by women, according to a report released by Credit Suisse.

Ellevate Network CEO Kristy Wallace said, "Ellevate Network's is committed to help women get ahead in business. One way to achieve this is to amplify the voice of professional women in an effort to change the world of work. We know that lack of employee retention is a big cost driver and morale suck on companies and Ellevate's research shows that women are leaving companies due to misalignment with corporate culture. We strive for Ellevate's Impact Report to be a playbook for companies who want to hear from women employees, make improvements to the workplace, and retain more women."

While most businesses claim that gender diversity is a priority to them, women are still missing from leadership positions, top-earning roles, and in key entrepreneurial opportunities. This report shows information that can be used as a guiding post to solve these problems, hearing directly from the women who experience systemic issues that hold them back from being fully engaged in the workforce.

By providing the education and resources necessary to help women succeed at work, Ellevate Network is the premier place for professional women and their advocates.

To read the full Ellevate Network 2017 Impact Report, click here. To be notified of future research like this and get updates about the community, subscribe to the Ellevate Network newsletter here.

About Ellevate Network
Ellevate Network is a global network of professional women committed to elevating each other through education, inspiration, and opportunity. Our mission is to close the gender achievement gap in business by providing women with a community to lean on and learn from.

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