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Ellevate Network Welcomes AXA Insurance Company as Newest Corporate Partner

AXA will sponsor programming designed to provide expertise on entrepreneurial business management and protection from risk to the Ellevate community.

Ellevate Network, the leading network for professional women, welcomes AXA Insurance Company, AXA’s premier US commercial property, casualty, and specialty insurance carrier, as their newest corporate partner. Known for its high-caliber educational content and quality networking opportunities for professional women, Ellevate Network is thrilled to welcome the expertise of AXA to its network and expand on those offerings.

AXA experts will be leading two in-person workshops for Ellevate Network members in NYC and San Francisco, focused on managing business, financial, and personal risk. The partnership also extends the expertise of AXA professionals to the Ellevate Network community with two sponsored Ellevate webinars.

Ellevate Network CEO Kristy Wallace said, “We’re grateful to have AXA leaders bring their expertise on entrepreneurial business management and protection from risk to the Ellevate community with these special programs. It is important to us to provide high quality, practical professional development opportunities to our members, and this partnership helps us accomplish that.”

Dawn Miller, CEO of AXA Insurance Company said, “This sponsorship is a great opportunity to share AXA’s global knowledge and expertise on the topic of business risk in an engaging way to empower women leaders. When you mitigate risk across the human, physical, financial, and intellectual areas of business, and as examples, these leaders can focus on growing and driving success in their companies.”

As companies that both value and practice a commitment to diversity and inclusion, Ellevate Network and AXA are working together to provide a more equal future for the world of business, and are always innovating on ways to cultivate diverse talent and ideas. This partnership allows AXA and Ellevate Network to benefit from knowledge and perspectives from people with a wide variety of experiences.

About AXA Insurance Company
Our purpose at AXA is to protect people and businesses so they can pursue their lives and ventures with peace of mind. AXA Insurance Company (AIC), domiciled in New York, serves large and mid-sized companies across the U.S. As a part of AXA’s international network, AIC provides Property, Casualty and Specialty insurance solutions to multinational and domestic companies. In a rapidly changing world, we are committed to providing prevention and response solutions for customers so they can face US risks and exposures head on.

About Ellevate Network
Ellevate Network is a global network of professional women committed to elevating each other through education, inspiration, and opportunity. Our mission is to close the gender achievement gap in business by providing women with a community to lean on and learn from. Ellevate also works with companies committed to gender diversity and has a proven track record of changing business culture from the inside out.

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