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How To Find Mentors In The #MeToo Era

Men aren't mentoring or sponsoring women as much as they are more junior men. But that's not because of #MeToo.

Tami Forman discusses why women are historically over mentored and under sponsored, especially when men are the sponsors. She mentions Ellevate Network as a resource to find your Squad, a place where peer mentorship and safe spaces allow women to work together to solve their biggest career problems. 

I’m a bit skeptical of the recent talk that men are reticent to mentor women because of #metoo. Another article appeared this week in the New York Times as part of its coverage of the World Economic Forum. I’m not skeptical that men are reticent to mentor women -- I’m skeptical that this “new era” is the reason. I think some men have always shied away from mentoring women. First, because the idea of a relationship being misconstrued or a man being falsely accused of harassment has been around since the Anita Hill hearings back in the early 90s. But, more importantly, I think some men have avoided mentoring women for all the same old reasons — bias, a desire to reduce the competition, comfort with mentees who they feel they can relate to.

Realizing that this is nothing new is frustrating but all hope is not lost. There are ways to get the advice — and sponsorship — you need to advance.

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