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Ellevate Network Announces Corporate Partner Roundtables in London and Houston


Ellevate Network, the leading community for women at work, will host its next quarterly Corporate Roundtables on September 18th in London and on October 3rd in Houston. Ellevate’s Corporate Roundtables are intimate, closed-door convenings designed to create a space for a candid discussion on the challenges women and minorities face in the business world.

Roundtables are attended by Ellevate corporate partners and leaders in business who value innovation, generating higher returns, and providing equal opportunity. Participants will gain best practices to steering business culture toward equality, and in turn will lead to positive returns, employee satisfaction, and industry leadership.

“By creating a safe space for company leaders from all industries, we can harness their collective knowledge and experience to find solutions that build on what’s worked to create inclusive workplaces,” said Kristy Wallace, Ellevate Network CEO. “At Ellevate we are committed to changing the culture of business from the inside, and we know that to do this we need to not only engage our partners and sponsors in the discussion but also provide them and the women in our community with the opportunities to learn from one another.”

The 2019 London Roundtable will take place on September 18th from 12:00 p.m. - 5 p.m. and hosted by IPC Systems, one of Ellevate’s corporate partners and sponsors of the Mobilize Women Summit.

The 2019 Houston Roundtable will be on October 3rd from 1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. at the InterContinental Houston - Medical Center, following Ellevate Houston’s 5th Anniversary Luncheon, Closing the Gender Pay Gap: How to Achieve Equity through the Power of Knowledge with Jamille Bigio, Senior Fellow, Women, and Foreign Policy and Giselle Greenwood, Editor-in-Chief, Houston Business Journal.

Topics to be discussed in the upcoming Roundtables include pay equity, paid family leave, disability in the workplace, intersectionality and more. The discussions will be facilitated by Allison Matejczyk, Director of Corporate Partnerships at Ellevate Network.

Access to Corporate Roundtables is by invitation-only. To receive an invitation to one of Ellevate’s upcoming Corporate Roundtables submit your information here.

To learn more about Ellevate’s findings on creating more inclusive workplaces download Driving Equality in the Workplace - Part 1. Ellevate developed this report from findings from previous Corporate Roundtables.

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