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Ellevate Network Launches The Action Guide and Programs for Women Navigating Work, During The COVID-19 Pandemic


Ellevate Network, the leading community for women in the workplace, introduced its new resources and programming to support women navigating the global pandemic while at work.

“Women are typically the chief healthcare officer, the chief entertainment officer, the chief education officer in their homes”, said Kristy Wallace, CEO of Ellevate Network. “In a time of crisis, a time where we don’t have a clear playbook but we do have a lot of panic and anxiety – the weight of these roles is quite overwhelming. After spending years developing digital communities and events that allow women to connect, grow, and support one another, we are aware that our efforts are even more crucial today. We are excited to strengthen our community and provide a place to lean on for women across the globe”.

To tackle the unique challenges facing women today, Ellevate Network will offer programs and resources under three categories:

  • The Action Guide: Ellevate Network’s one-stop destination for articles, webinars, videos, podcasts, and other resources covering Remote Work & Staying Connected, Work & Mental Health, and Work-Life Balance & Integration will be available free of charge for the duration of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Visitors will also have a chance to submit their own questions to be answered by experts on the subject. Ellevate Network will continue to keep The Action Guide up-to-date and provide ready-to-consume content for women. The Action Guide can be accessed at
  • Online Events: Expanding its online calendar, Ellevate Network will be offering different forms of online gatherings to help women connect with others facing similar challenges, continue developing professional skills, and engage in discussions with local communities. The events offered include Webinars & Virtual Workshops for skill building, Virtual Community Meetings for local casual meet-ups such as book clubs and virtual happy hours, weekly Roundtables for executives and business owners, as well as weekly Career Connects designed to provide a safe space to discuss workplace challenges. Ellevate Network’s online events calendar, which includes free and paid events, can be accessed here.
  • Squads: Ellevate Squads are small, diverse groups of professional women at similar points in their careers, who are looking for a safe space to work through challenges, find clarity, give and receive honest feedback, and build the kinds of relationships that are proven to fuel their careers. A proven program with 73% of past participants reporting their squad gave them ideas, tools, and resources that they didn't have before, this particular cycle of the 12-week program will focus on the topic of Leading Through Uncertainty. Squads applications will open on April 6 with limited capacity, and will be available here, along with more information.

Ellevate Network is also offering Corporate Squads, 12-week program for employees who will collaborate, mentor, and support each other in career and leadership development. Making up for the lack of in-person touch points, Corporate Squads are designed to help businesses drive employee engagement, motivation, and morale while encouraging virtual cross-team collaboration.

About Ellevate Network
Ellevate Network is a community of professional women committed to helping each other succeed. We believe that when ambitious professional women get more opportunity — to have a voice in important conversations, to have a seat at the table where decisions are made, to steer our collective economic power towards that which we care about — it ultimately benefits everyone, and leads to a more equal world. Ellevate also works with companies committed to diversity and inclusion and has a proven track record of changing business culture from the inside out.

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