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Ellevate Network Launches New Community Circles for Multiple Affinity Groups

Ellevate Network, the largest community of women+ at work, has launched Community Circles, a series of 7 different live discussion forums for members to connect with their specific identifying affinity groups.

“Community Circles provide a space for members to come as they are, they don’t need to pretend to be someone they’re not. Which is not the case for many who identify as minorities in the business world,” said Maricella Hererra, CEO of Ellevate Network. “As a Latina, when I started out I thought I had to dial down my identity. After years in the workplace and lots of reflection I realized that many of my most helpful skills and traits as a leader - empathy, the importance of a sense of community - are very much ingrained in me because of my heritage. These differences are what make us stronger, and in our Community Circles we get to celebrate them.”

The new Community Circles launching this month include:

  • 40+ Professionals
  • Asian and Pacific Islanders
  • Black Women+
  • Hispanic/Latinx
  • Working Caregivers
  • Remote and Hybrid Professionals

“Over the last 2 years, our Community Circles for Black women, LGBTQIA, 40+ professionals, and Hispanic/Latina/Latinx members have become a safe space for our members to both celebrate the intricacies of their identities, while connecting over the ups and downs of their shared experiences,” said Johanna Pulgarin, Senior Program Manager at Ellevate Network. “This year, I’m proud to introduce these spaces for Asian & Pacific Islanders, Parents & Caregivers, and Remote & Hybrid Workers. In a space where you don’t feel like you have to pretend to be someone you’re not, there’s room for compassion, support, and authentic relationships to be made.”

Tickets to all Community Circles are included free with Pro Access membership, and $10 for Guests on the Ellevate platform.

“After moving to the US a couple of years ago, I had to leave my support system behind. The Asian and Pacific Islander Community Circle has showed me that I can get support from those who have had similar experiences,” said Chayani Nina Rubesch, Enterprise Relationship Manager at Ellevate and Community Circle host. “I am looking forward to build relationships and connection that feel like home. I am excited to see this community circle grow as well as grow alongside it.”

Ellevate’s goal for Community Circles are to help make their members feel more included at work by giving them the space to talk about how their identities shape both the personal and the professional experiences. Recognizing how your identity affects your work life and knowing that it affects it for other people too.

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About Ellevate Network
Founded in 1997 as 85 Broads, Ellevate Network is the largest community of women+ at work. A powerful coalition of ambitious and supportive women who believe there is strength in numbers, Ellevate is built on the premise of showing up for each other, helping everyone — no matter their background or aspirations — build a career they love, and mobilizing the collective power of women to change the culture of business. Ellevate also works with companies committed to diversity and inclusion and has a proven track record of changing business culture from the inside out.

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