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Ellevate Network Opens Fourth Year of EllevateHER Forward Fellowship Program

Ellevate Network, the largest community of women+ at work, will be opening applications for fellows and accepting contributions for the fourth year of EllevateHER Forward, a fellowship granting fund starting on Friday, March 3rd, 2023.

EllevateHER Forward Fellows will be granted a year-long Ellevate Pro Membership, giving them the opportunities to tap into their Ellevate program, filled with the weekly Roundtable, two annual Squads cohorts, and networking events with local global Chapters.

EllevateHER Forward is designed to support those who may be experiencing financial hardship or job loss, especially those who have been impacted by the looming recession, and provide women with access to a network that will help them return to work.

“We launched EllevateHER Forward in 2020 as a response to women being disproportionally impacted by COVID-19. Even though three years have passed, women still experience the effects of the pandemic. Recent layoffs have proven that we're not in sure footing when it comes to work, and many women are still unemployed or underemployed," says Maricella Hererra, CEO of Ellevate Network. "We believe EllevateHER Forward, and the access it gives to the Ellevate community will help women not only feel more confident and less alone as they navigate their return to work, but also give them the tools and open doors for them to find the right opportunity."

EllevateHER Forward is accepting applications through Friday, April 7th from women who have been furloughed, unemployed, or financially impacted due to the crisis and need the resources to plan their return to work. Fellowships will commence mid-May, and last for a full year.

EllevateHER Forward is funded through the generous contributions of Ellevate Network members, supporters, and others committed to supporting women impacted by the pandemic. Similar to previous years, Ellevate Network will match contributions up to $250,000.

Those interested in making a contribution or applying to receive a fellowship can do so on this webpage.

EllevateHER Forward is an iteration of EllevateHER, which has granted over 2,000 fellowships since 2017 to veterans, women in transition, non-profit professionals, recent graduates, and members of underrepresented groups in the workplace.

About Ellevate Network
Founded in 1997 as 85 Broads, Ellevate Network is the largest community of women+ at work. A powerful coalition of ambitious and supportive women who believe there is strength in numbers, Ellevate is built on the premise of showing up for each other, helping everyone — no matter their background or aspirations — build a career they love, and mobilizing the collective power of women to change the culture of business. Ellevate also works with companies committed to diversity and inclusion and has a proven track record of changing business culture from the inside out.

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