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Dallas Broads Show Off Networking Skills at Uptown Patio Party for Ellevate Network

Dallas ladies got down to business on the patio of Boston Consulting Group’s Uptown office for the rebranding party of Ellevate. And by business we mean wine, cheese and inspired conversation.

Ellevate began as a group called 85 Broads, so named for the 85 Broad St. address of Goldman Sachs, where its women founders worked. Since then the organization has grown beyond its finance industry roots, and the new name represents the diverse network it serves — with more than 34,000 members around the world — and the group’s action orientation.

The local chapter of Ellevate hopes to provide Dallas women with the opportunity to network, celebrate and learn from each other’s professional successes. Though fairly new, the Dallas chapter already has grown by nearly 400 percent in the last year— a trend these ladies hope to continue with this new focus.

During the party, president Ann Montgomery and vice president Brittany Brown gave a short presentation on Ellevate’s background and mission, including upcoming events. “Ellevate plays a unique role in the Dallas networking scene because of its commitment to furthering the success of professional women,” Montgomery said.

“Not only does the organization promote women encouraging other women, but it strongly believes and actively emphasizes the positive impact and economic engagement of women in the business world.”

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