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Bond Street's NYC Resources for Female Entrepreneurs

Bond Street has listed Ellevate and its New York Chapter as a resource for female entrepreneurs in NYC:

NYC Resources for Female Entrereneurs

The force is with women entrepreneurs, according to a 2016 Forbes article. And it’s especially strong in New York City. NYC is home to 359,000 women-owned businesses, which employ over 190,000 people and generate $50 billion in sales annually.

While female entrepreneurship is experiencing a gloriously steep incline, there are still significant gaps to close between ownership, employment, and sales of men- and women-owned businesses. According to a landmark study of NYC women entrepreneurs conducted by the city in 2015, key challenges include access to capital and financial planning, tailored business skills education, streamlined information, and direct connections to mentors and networks.

Dozens of programs, businesses, and organizations exist in NYC to help women business owners address these very issues. Many resources are free and available to anyone, while some come with requirements and fees. Peruse this comprehensive list of resources to find at least one new opportunity to learn, connect, and grow your own small business (or the business of your favorite woman entrepreneur)!


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