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Ellevate Network Launches Podcast with Advice for Women at Work


Ellevate Network announces the launch of The Ellevate Podcast: Conversations with Women Changing the Face of Business, hosted by Ellevate Chair Sallie Krawcheck and President Kristy Wallace. Episodes are released every Tuesday, featuring an accomplished woman in business who is a part of the Ellevate community and shares her experience in business. It is available on iTunes as well as the Ellevate website.

With powerful episodes featuring candid conversations about the things working women care about: leadership at work, starting your own business, becoming a thought leader, effective communication, public speaking, work-life balance, and much more - these podcasts allow the busy professional woman an opportunity to learn directly from the women leaders that inspire them.

The weekly podcast includes one-on-one conversations with the author of “I Know how She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time” Laura Vanderkam; anchor for Bloomberg Business and host of Radiate Podcast Betty Liu; record-breaking racecar driver and women in STEM advocate Julia Landauer; financial journalist and author Jean Chatzky, and many more.

From those who have listened: 

    “I love hearing real stories from inspiring women. I'm already learning so much about resilience, business growth, innovation and     more. Just love it.”

    “The women on this show are knowledgeable, inspiring and fascinatingly candid. This show has made me rethink my relationship     with money and business.”

Ellevate Network is committed to closing the gender achievement gap in business and, through the podcast, provides women with tangible opportunities to grow personally and professionally. The Ellevate Podcast gives professional women insight into the world of high-achieving women in order to inform the personal and professional decisions they make in their own lives.

Subscribe to the Ellevate Podcast today to make sure that you get your weekly dose of inspiration from women changing the face of business.

For more information about Ellevate Network and how they work to close the gender achievement gap, click here.

Ellevate Network believes in the positive impact of women in business. Our mission is to help women advance in the workplace, both for themselves and the greater good. We strive to change the culture of business from the inside out - by investing in women.

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