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Ellevate Network Partners with Hewlett Consulting Partners and Nomadic to Help More Women and People of Color Turbocharge Their Careers

Ellevate Network has partnered with Hewlett Consulting Partners and Nomadic Learning to hold a five-week, interactive digital experience for professionals seeking sponsorship – advocacy of a senior leader with real power in an organization – to accelerate their career advancement. Launching on November 9th in New York City, Sponsor ReadySM will enable professionals to find the right sponsor and cultivate sponsor relationships.

Historically, women and people of color, even when equally or more qualified, don’t move up the career ladder with the same velocity or number as white men. Ultimately, it’s not a problem of race or color or even access. It’s a problem of power. Sponsors impact pay and promotions but women and people of color are less likely to have them. Sponsor Ready SM is about exposing the often hidden or secret power dynamics within organizations and helping business and employees to better navigate them.

Sponsor ReadySM is built around five learning modules (called Field Manuals) designed to spark meaningful conversations, while addressing current business challenges and preparing high-potential employees and their sponsors to take action. During the program, participants will work together through five modules throughout the five weeks, to:

  • Discuss how power dynamics work in today’s global corporations
  • Reflect on their own “sponsor readiness”
  • Identify skill gaps and unique strengths
  • Gain the tools to cultivate sponsor relationships

Ellevate Chair Sallie Krawcheck says,

“When I started at Sanford Bernstein, one senior colleague took a real interest in my work: he read my research, corrected it, coached me on presentations, critiqued me afterwards, talked me up to clients, and advocated for me to receive promotions….and was vocal to management when his advice was not taken… I know this cut years off of my career trajectory because I could compare myself to (equally hard-working and certainly smarter) colleagues who started at about the same time I did, but were a couple of years behind in their success.”

Hewlett Consulting Partners Founding President & CEO Sylvia Ann Hewlett says,

“At the beginning of my career, I made the classic mistake. I thought if I put my head down and did my job extraordinarily well, my value would be self-evident and, of course, I would be recognized and promoted. But I was wrong. I now understood that climbing the ladder in any competitive field requires heavy-duty support from a senior person with heft and influence. In multiple studies and in writing my book Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor, I’ve discovered time and again that sponsorship is the key to unlocking the doors all the way to the top. It gives you real career traction and puts you on the path to power and influence.”

On November 9th, there will be a kickoff event and networking held in New York City, where workshop participants can meet face-to-face before beginning the program.

To learn more about the course, click here. For an informational welcome video about Sponsor Ready, click here.

About Hewlett Consulting Partners

Hewlett Consulting Partners is a boutique consultancy, founded in 2009, focused on helping companies leverage high-potential talent across the divides of gender, generation, geography, and culture. To learn more, visit us at To learn more about Hewlett Consulting Partners and how they help organizations drive results by unlocking the potential of all talent, click here.

About Nomadic

Nomadic is an end-to-end solution for developing high impact, small group learning experiences at scale. They work with some of the world’s largest enterprises to help solve their most complex and critical organizational challenges. And, because they’ve reimagined the way online learning is created from the ground-up, they can create highly customized solutions quickly and affordably. This digital learning experience is made possible by the team at Nomadic Learning.

About Ellevate Network

Ellevate Network believes in the positive impact of women in business. Our mission is to help women advance in the workplace, both for themselves and the greater good. We strive to change the culture of business from the inside out - by investing in women. To learn more about Ellevate Network and how they provide opportunities for women to advance in their careers, click here

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